How to Calculate the Value Loss of a Vehicle?

How to Calculate the Value Loss of a Vehicle?

How is Vehicle Value Loss Calculated?

Vehicles damaged and repaired after damage will lose their value in the second-hand market as a result of the loss of value.

Unfortunately, even if the vehicles are fully repaired after damage and all parts are protected in the best way, there is a loss of value. Particularly, vehicle parts that are replaced after damage cause serious loss of value.

Is Vehicle Depreciation Rate the Same for All Vehicles?

Vehicle depreciation rates vary according to certain criteria. These criteria affect the vehicle depreciation calculation, revealing different results.

In the calculation of depreciation; It is necessary to determine the extent of the loss of value based on the body and mechanical damages of the damaged vehicle, its brand, model, usage and conditions in the second-hand market.

The variables used in the depreciation calculations of vehicles have a great influence on the conditions in our country and the factors affecting the purchase of second-hand vehicles. The information used in the vehicle depreciation calculation can be listed as follows in general.

Effective Factors in Calculating Vehicle Value Loss

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