Dealership Application Conditions

Dealership Application Conditions

We invite you to a profitable investment in the Young, Dynamic and Ambitious Chain Brand with the Highest Number of Dealers in Turkey. Wouldn't you like to have a Pilot Garage Auto Expertise?

First of all, our goal is; To bring a new breath to the current OTO EXPERTISE inflation with its brand name, brand logo, colors, and interior concept, and to become the leading chain brand in Turkey in a short time with its experienced sector experience, knowledge, and supply infrastructure. Our most important consideration in the structuring process that we have started in line with these goals is to create the necessary infrastructure and conditions to ensure that you, who are our business partners and investors, who set out with us from the very beginning to the end, are always satisfied. With the advantageous franchise conditions we have prepared for you, you can easily have a Pilot Garage Auto Expertise. Our most important goal in this valuable franchise we have prepared is to prioritize the UNCONDITIONAL INVESTOR SATISFACTION, that is, your satisfaction.

We invite you to a profitable investment, to take your place in the PILOT GARAGE OTO EXPERTISE family.


The franchising system is a concession system. It is the whole of business relations arising from the granting of these rights by the party holding the concession right of a product or service to one or a company under certain conditions and limitations. With this agreement, the party granting the concession gives the information and support (know-how) regarding the management and organization of the business to the other party to carry out commercial affairs. Franchising is defined as a contractual relationship between two independent parties.


  1.  It is possible to use the techniques and procedures of the operating system together with a brand that has been tried, proven, and well-known before.
  2.  With the brand, you have national or international standards and quality.
  3.  Continuous customers and business opportunities are provided to well-known brands.
  4.  The franchisor provides training services and expert personnel support to the franchisee.
  5.  It can benefit from the techniques of the franchisor in finding, recruiting, and placing qualified personnel.
  6.  With the support provided in financial, commercial, and personnel issues, the chances of success can be increased by focusing on technical functions.
  7.  By acting jointly with the franchisor, the risks and management problems faced by small businesses are minimized.
  8.  It can benefit from the financial and legal advisors of the Franchisor.
  9.  It can benefit from the continuous research and development studies of the Franchisor.
  10.  It is possible to use scientific techniques in the establishment phase of the enterprise and in the selection of the establishment location.
  11.  It is possible to provide financial support from sources such as leasing during the establishment phase.
  12.  It can save on advertising and promotion expenses.
  13.  The franchising system eliminates the loneliness of the entrepreneur and reduces the risks of starting your own business.
  14.  The payments made to the Franchisor will initially be less than the sum of the error costs to be made for a new job.
  15.  Standard management, accounting, sales, and stocking functions become possible for businesses.



Franchising offers various opportunities and solutions for the franchisor to use the capital to grow, centralized regional management, and faster spread in the market.

  1. Growth Capital:
    Franchisee meets a large part of the capital that will ensure the growth (expansion) of the franchisor company. This capital, which we call growth capital; includes opening a new place, working capital, capital required for furniture equipment, and various business loans.
  2. Regional Administration Affiliated to the Center:
    Franchising, to the franchisor; Motivation to ensure the professional management of businesses that will present the company's product or service in different regions provides full and effective regional administrations.
  3. Spreading Faster in the Market:
    Expanding in the market requires opening new locations for the firm in different regions. Thanks to franchising, the franchisor can find the opportunity to spread in the market more quickly, as the growth capital, regional management, and expenses required for this business are covered by the franchisee.



To provide support to our new business partners, who will create a sector in Turkey and ensure the healthy development and growth of the PILOT GARAGE OTO CHECK-UP brand, which has completed the institutionalization process in its sector and has the highest number of service points as of 2014.

Services we will offer with our franchise package:


In order to be included in the Pilot Garage Auto Check-Up staff and to be able to run the system successfully, first of all, it is imperative to go through an intensive training process. The success of the business completely depends on this training program.

This process is a serious course program. In case of not participating in the training, the contract will be terminated, the point opening may be delayed and the training can be continued according to the grades to be taken after the exam to be held at the end of the training and sufficient skill.

The training will continue in three phases. The training program will be given in our center or in the regions depending on the intensity.

Franchise and technical service personnel must attend the training.

Education process; The franchise system covers issues such as the way to be followed in the appraisal process of the vehicles coming to the service and the use of special equipment and more.


After the training process is completed, an audit is carried out every month. A general audit is made every 3 (three) months to test the profitability of the enterprise, the adequacy of the employees, and the general point determination is made.

The purpose of these controls is the successful implementation of the appraisal process, quality control, and ensuring the same standard in all enterprises.

Again, at certain times, shadow customers are directed by us for quality control, and compliance with standards is checked.


In all, our Pilot Garage Auto Check-Up franchises; Designed a joint computer software for automatic execution of regional, unit, and group sales, turnover, profit-loss, cost, stock tracking and daily/monthly/weekly reporting, proposal preparation, order, and invoicing.

By using this program, all sales figures can be seen.

This guides us about the promotions and enables us to see which advertisement or promotion the customer prefers more.


All kinds of consultancy services on PILOT GARAGE OTO CHECK-UP installation standards will be provided by our company.

After the location of the zone is clarified and the location for the PILOT GARAGE AUTO EXPERTION point to be opened is approved and the lease contract is signed, the construction, decoration, technical and opening planning departments of PILOT GARAGE OTO CHECK-UP will come into play.

The decoration of the service point is uniform, and the layout and decoration projects and applications in accordance with the structure of the concept are prepared by the contracted architectural teams.

Decoration and construction costs belong to the franchisee.


- Responsible Manager

- Pilot Garage Auto Check-Up Expert Technical Service Staff:

They are the personnel who ensure that all appraisal works are carried out for the vehicles arriving at the service point during the day.

- A person who will be able to use the Pilot Garage Auto Check-Up computer software, who will explain the malfunctions or results detected about the vehicle to the customers who come to receive service at the last reporting stage, who will provide the coordination of the Franchisee and the center (if the franchisee recommended at the first opening is at the job or responsible appointment of the director)

Mr. Franchise Candidate;

I recommend you carefully read the information given below to introduce you to the franchising world of Pilot Garage Auto check-ups. It is useful to review this letter before the PILOT GARAGE OTO EXPERTISE franchise application is filled and delivered to us. This information is an invaluable tool for our communication and uses throughout the entire Pilot Garage Auto check-up franchise process.


A PILOT GARAGE OTO EXPERTISE franchise point, Pilot Garage Auto check-up, has the license/franchise right to the franchisee, the proven business system of PILOT GARAGE OTO EXPERTISE and the use of its brand in relation to this business. to give it its right.

A franchise consists of three elements:

  1. A shared system and brand.
  2. Significant control and support provided by PİLOT GARAGE OTO EXPERTISE
  3. Payments made to PİLOT GARAGE OTO EXPERTISE by your franchisee in return for these.


Agency is the sales of the products produced by a manufacturer within a certain region, with the understanding of representation.

Dealership/Distributor is a business model for the products produced by the manufacturer to be bought and sold by the dealer/distributor within a defined region.

PILOT GARAGE OTO EXPERTISE's Franchise Seminar/Meeting is designed to answer your questions about a) why you should franchise, b) why you should seriously consider franchising from PILOT GARAGE OTO EXPERTISE, and c) what you should do about it.

I strongly recommend you attend the next PILOT GARAGE AUTO SUPERVISION seminar/meeting. I wish to develop a valuable business relationship with you and to become a member of the PILOT GARAGE OTO EXPERTISE family.

The mission of PILOT GARAGE OTO EXPERTISE: The mission of PILOT GARAGE OTO EXPERTISE is continuous development, within the framework of this principle, our company has aimed to constantly renew itself and always be open to the future, the new, and the development.

Being a company that creates value for our employees and customers, and maximizing customer satisfaction by providing high standards and quality service is one of our sines qua non.

The vision of PILOT GARAGE OTO EXPERTISE: To be an exemplary company by continuing to be the best in its sector in Turkey in all the services we provide.

What makes PILOT GARAGE OTO EXPERTISE the best commercial opportunity?

What are the steps to be taken to become a PILOT GARAGE AUTO EXPERTIZATION Franchise?

What will happen after the Franchise Agreement is signed?

How long does the approval process take?

The financial approval process takes 48 to 72 hours.

How much money can I earn?

How much you earn depends on how well you operate your service point. PILOT GARAGE OTO EXPERTISE provides you with the necessary know-how, training, operation, and marketing support to operate your service point in the best way possible.

How long has PILOT GARAGE AUTO EXPERTISE been in the industry?

Playing an active role in the formation of the sector since 1999, PILOT GARAGE OTO CHECK-UP has completed its institutionalization process in 6 years and continues its commercial life actively.

Does the company or the franchisee choose the region?

We will assist you with the selection of the region, but it is the franchisee's responsibility to select an -approved-region for your point of sale. All proposed territories must pass our approval. If there is a region owned, it is evaluated whether it meets our criteria.

What should be the average size of a PILOT GARAGE AUTO EXPERTISE point of sale?

It is necessary to have an area of ​​150-300 m2.

How long is the development time required to open a PILOT GARAGE AUTO EXPERTISE point of sale?

The estimated development time is 2 to 12 months. The average is around 4 months, but it depends on how soon you choose your location, what type of location you choose (an existing building or a building under construction), the length of lease negotiations, the local approval process, the construction process, etc. is quite variable.

What are the working days?

PILOT GARAGE AUTO EXPERTISE is open seven days a week. Working hours are determined according to the location and the approval of the franchisor.

Who makes the shop lease agreement?

The lease agreement is made by the franchisee. The franchisee is responsible for all the work to be done to give the rented shop the appearance of PILOT GARAGE AUTO EXPERT.

How many PILOT GARAGE OTO EXPERTISE sales points are there in Turkey?

As of 2014, 23 service points continue their commercial life.


1) Is franchising a successful system?

(According to data from the National Franchising Association (UFRAD))

While 23% of franchising areas mainly sell products, 77% mainly sell services.

According to statistics from the American Small Business Administration, 62% of small businesses close in the first 6 years. However, the rate of closure of franchising businesses in the first 6 years was 3% and the rate of change of ownership was 14%. 10% of franchisees open a second business and 6% open a third business.

2) What are the advantages of the franchising system?

(Excerpt from the National Franchising Association (UFRAD))

- It is possible to use the techniques and procedures of the operating system together with a brand that has been tried, proven, and well-known before.

- National or International standards and quality are obtained with the brand.

- Continuous customers and business opportunities are created by well-known brands.

- The franchisor provides training services and expert personnel support to the franchisee.

- Techniques of the franchisor company are used in finding, hiring, and training qualified personnel.

- With the support provided in financial, commercial, and personnel issues, technical functions are emphasized and the chance of success is increased.

- By acting in partnership with the franchisor, the risks and management problems faced by small businesses are minimized.

- Financial and legal advisors of the franchisor company are used.

- The Franchisor's continuous research and development efforts are utilized.

- It is possible to use scientific techniques in the establishment phase of the enterprise and in the selection of the establishment location.

- Leasing etc. during the establishment phase. financial support is possible.

- Savings are made in advertising and promotion expenses. With a small budget such as advertising participation share, your business is promoted throughout the country.

- The franchising system eliminates the loneliness of the entrepreneur and reduces the risks of starting his own business.

- The payments made to the franchisor are initially more than the upfront investment of a new business, but less than the sum of the costs of error for an untested business.

- Standard management, accounting, sales, and stocking functions are possible for businesses.

3) What is the franchise fee (Franchise Fee), what do I get for this fee?

Franchise entry fee entitles to carry out commercial activities under the name and brand of PILOT GARAGE OTO CHECK-UP. Obtaining this information that is not available in any other business in exchange for naming rights, being the only PİLOT GARAGE OTO CHECK-UP branch in a designated region, using registered name and logo, business administration, sales, decoration, equipment selection, price and maturity advantage in purchases. you gain an advantage. As a link in the PILOT GARAGE OTO CHECK-UP chain, you have the chance to use all the experiences of those who did the same job before and after you, not to repeat the mistakes made and to reach the truth more quickly.

You are taking your place with a reliable company in the rapidly growing Franchising sector in Turkey as well as all over the world.

4) What is Royalty Fee, and why do I pay?

A royalty is a monthly fee that corresponds to 8% of the gross monthly turnover.

After opening your business in return for this price, you will benefit from the support of PILOT GARAGE OTO CHECK-UP which will continue throughout the agreement.

5) Do I need to be experienced for this job?

No. PILOT GARAGE OTO CHECK-UP will provide you and your team with all kinds of training that will enable you to become experts in this sector at the beginning.

6) How do you determine the regions?

Our regions are proportional to the density of residential areas and the number of individual and corporate users on a provincial or district basis. Therefore, the number of franchises to be given in the region is related to the number of application teams sufficient for the current consumer.

7) Does the franchise price change according to the region?

No. However, operating costs may vary depending on the region, district, and number of employees.

8) Will an invoice be issued when the franchise fee is paid? VAT?

Yes. Prices do not include VAT.

9) Does PILOT GARAGE OTO CHECK UP participate in the investment?

No. However, PİLOT GARAGE OTO CHECK-UP provides other support to the investor regarding the financing of the investment. As a result of the negotiations we have made with the banks, it is generally to be in the form of longer maturities, better rates, and conveniences compared to the financing alternatives that the investor can find alone.

10) How much money do I earn?

As in all commercial enterprises, your earnings are related to your business management, performance, and most importantly, the number of your application team.

11) Is the franchising contract permanent/permanent? (10 years, permanent?)

The validity of each PILOT GARAGE OTO CHECK-UP contract will be at least 10 (ten) years. No franchise fee will be charged in the following years. Only the service or support fee will apply.

12) Can I sell/transfer my franchise right?

Yes. Once approved by us, all licenses can be sold and transferred whether they are in working condition or not. However, the investor who will take over has to go through all the evaluation stages you have passed and must sign a new contract with us and comply with the terms of the agreement.

13) How much of the transfer fee is received by the franchisee and how much by the franchisor?

No transfer fee is expected. The transfer fee is understandable between the transferor and the transferee. Our only condition is that the transferred company also goes through all the procedures you go through and is approved by us.

During the transfer, the amount of money spent when the business is opened is determined, the annual price-CPI ratios are added according to the years of operation, and a fair price is calculated. If the person to transfer the franchisee is found during the transfer phase, no fee is required, but it will be transferred to a person from the Pilot Garage Auto check-up portfolio. 10% of the price, if there is a franchise sales representative premium application, is taken from the transferor in the amount to be given to the representative.

14) Will there be a mass advertising application?

Yes, there will be mass advertising applications.

15) Can I advertise individually?

Newspaper, TV (local/national, etc.) individual advertisements can be made, but the design must be approved by the center. Flyer designs will be given.

16) How many square meters of signboards are made?

Our standard-designed illuminated panel will be manufactured in accordance with the exterior dimensions of the store you have rented.

17) Who owns the signage fee and tax?

It belongs to the franchise area.

18) How much of the equipment and decoration does the franchisee own?

All equipment and decorations provided in the installation belong to the franchisee company.

19) Is there a clothing obligation?

It will be standard clothing in terms of company image and institutionalism. Special clothes with the PILOT GARAGE OTO CHECK-UP logo are designed. According to the dimensions of your current staff, an order will be placed.


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