About Us

About Us

About Us

Established in 2011, Pilot Garage Auto Expertise, with its knowledge and experience from the past, establishes the car Appraisal / Auto Check Up Franchise system in the field of expertise with its dealer network that is expanding day by day in Turkey, and provides its customers who want to buy and sell cars safely, with the latest technology devices by certified masters who are experts in their business. aims to provide service with the expertise reports of the vehicles they control.

Pilot Garage Auto Expertise is proud of providing quality service to its customers with the latest technology machines used in the world, professional service opportunities, expert staff and report presentations. Solving the problems experienced by providing expertise service during the buying and selling of second-hand cars / vehicles in Turkey, which is based on the company that everyone trusts, to eliminate deceptions that may arise during trading and to contribute to the buying and selling of vehicles at their value and paying fees. Pilot Garage was established to prevent the exploitation of mutual goodwill and to trade in an environment of trust.

Pilot Garage Auto Expertise makes it a principle to provide the best service to its customers with the latest model electronic and mechanical auto appraisal machines, as well as paying attention to the fact that its personnel consists of expert certified and friendly, smiling teams who have completed all their trainings. has acquired. The happiness of its customers and employees is paramount for Pilot Garage Auto Expertise, with its company policy built on impartiality and honesty without compromising its principles.

What is Pilot Garage?

Pilot Garage Auto Expertise is an auto appraisal brand that provides information to the buyer and seller by checking the parts of the vehicle, such as the engine, mechanical body, etc., in the purchase and sale of second-hand vehicles.

How Does Pilot Garage Work?

Pilot Garage Auto Expertise provides auto appraisal services to its customers in the purchase and sale of second-hand or new vehicles with its state-of-the-art machinery and expert staff at more than 350 different points in Turkey.

What Services Does Pilot Garage Provide to Its Users?

Pilot Garage Auto Expertise provides only auto appraisal service. In this context, packages with appropriate content prepared for customer needs are selected and expertise service is provided.

What is the Purpose of Pilot Garage?

Pilot Garage Auto Expertise is the leader of the auto appraisal industry in the country with its corporate, quality and professional service principle in more than 350 locations throughout Turkey. Its aim is to continue to bring standard and objective service to its end users at every point by growing and developing this momentum and leadership it has achieved.

What are the advantages of getting service through Pilot Garage?

First of all, to make transactions in our branches established by institutional, objective and professional teams.

What is Pilot Garage's Mission?

To be accessible at every point in our country and to constantly renew and develop our dealer network in order to provide quality and professional service and support to our customers.

What is Pilot Garage's Vision?

To maintain our position as the leading company and the reason for preference in the sector, which opens the doors of comfortable service to its customers in every part of the country, by taking care of every detail, from the machines that make accurate measurements and tests as a brand, to the corporate concept and personnel training, and to always crown it with new successes.

Who are the Pilot Garage Staff?

Pilot Garage Auto Expertise Headquarters has more than 70 employees, including Management Staff, Software Department, Accounting and Finance, Corporate Communications Department, Customer Services, Call Center, Technical Service and Expertise Centers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I benefit from discounts?

You can benefit from discounts through online credit card appointments and corporate partnerships.

How do I make a service appointment?

In www.pilotgarage.com our dealers section, you can make an online appointment for the dealer in the location you want and buy a package.

How do I change the appointment date and time?

You can change the appointment by calling the dealer or the head office.

How do I reach the customer support line?

You can reach us by calling 444 1 242.

How do I make a complaint?

You can report your requests and complaints on the 444 1 242 line.

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