What is Auto Expertise Package?

Auto appraisal is called examination to determine the current condition of the vehicle. This service, which produces instant results, has an important place especially in second-hand vehicle purchases. An auto appraisal report is issued as a result of the controls performed by the personnel who are experts in their fields, using technical devices and analytical methods. Apart from technical reviews, this report also includes expert opinions, evaluations and comments on parts that have the potential to cost the vehicle. The auto expertise report determines the value of the vehicle. The auto appraisal report is an important factor in making vehicle buying and selling and insurance processes more transparent.

The auto appraisal package is a pre-prepared checklist that specifies which parts of the vehicle will be checked and provides convenience to the customer in service and price. Auto appraisal package options are more than one. The package containing the parts of the vehicle to be controlled can be selected.

What is the Price Range of Auto Expertise Packages?

Auto appraisal, in a way, is a method of guaranteeing the vehicle. The actual mileage of the vehicle, its changed parts, paint condition and whether it has been unregistered can be determined by auto appraisal. Auto appraisal allows the vehicle owner to obtain clear and detailed information about his vehicle while selling a vehicle. Thus, the possibility of encountering bad surprises during the sale is eliminated.

In auto appraisal base prices, the prices on the website of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey have a decisive role in the auto appraisal market. The appraisal fee schedule includes the base appraisal fees for motor vehicle insurances and the minimum appraisal fees to be applied in insurances other than motor vehicle insurances. Fees in the tariffs do not include VAT. The price range of auto appraisal packages is between 1.500 ₺ and 8.000 ₺ on average. In auto appraisal package prices, the content of the package is the most important factor that determines the prices.

How Are Auto Expertise Prices Determined?

While determining the auto appraisal prices, the floor and ceiling prices announced on the website of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey are taken as a basis. There may be price changes in line with the controls made according to the needs and demands of the customer. Vehicle type is an important factor affecting the auto appraisal price. For example; The appraisal base price of the passenger car and the appraisal base price of the construction equipment are different.

What Should Be Considered While Choosing Auto Expertise Package?

Auto appraisal is an important service to learn the condition of the vehicle while buying or selling a used vehicle. In addition, since 2018, it is a mandatory procedure for vehicles in the second hand category. When choosing an auto expertise package, first of all, it is necessary to examine the package options that contain the controls needed. Even if you do not need a full report, the auto appraisal package, which includes brake and handbrake tests, engine performance and transmission performance tests, shock absorber and suspension tests, front and rear assembly inspection and body paint inspection, provides detailed information about the vehicle planned to be purchased. If much more detailed tests are needed, these tests can be requested from the appraisal specialist before starting the tests.