Auto Expertise

Auto expertise is a vehicle inspection system used for new and second-hand vehicles. Whether there is a problem in any part of the vehicle is determined by auto expertise. Optional for new vehicles but mandatory for used vehicles. As a result of detailed controls in auto expertise, a report on the vehicle's condition is prepared. This report is important in order to build trust in the buyers against the vehicle and the seller.

In auto expertise, every single component of the vehicle is examined in detail. This inspection reveals all defects and damage to the vehicle prior to purchase. Auto appraisal, which enables the buyer to buy the vehicle they want to buy with confidence, also helps sellers determine the actual value of their vehicles.

Why is Auto Expertise Important?

Some damage to a vehicle is easy to detect by inspecting it with the naked eye. However, it is not possible to detect some damages or defects with the naked eye. Oftentimes, imperfections that cannot be detected are more important than damage that can be detected.

Vehicles, which look very well-maintained from the outside, may have many imperfections that cannot be seen with the naked eye. This will cause the buyer to have problems in the future. It is possible to determine this situation, which is extremely risky for the buyer, only with auto expertise. That's why auto appraisal is especially important in second-hand vehicle purchases.

Auto appraisal has become a mandatory service due to some malicious sellers in the used car market. When it comes to vehicle sales, everyone wants to sell their vehicle at the most ideal price. However, some defects and damages in the vehicle reduce the value of the vehicle. The fact that these defects are not known by the buyer will damage the buyer financially.

The buyer buys the vehicle at a price above its value, and after a while, the defective parts of the vehicle incur extra costs. The number of buyers who have suffered such losses from malicious sellers in the market in the past years is quite high. Today, such frauds can be prevented thanks to auto expertise.

How is Vehicle Auto Expertise Made?

In order to produce an auto appraisal report, the vehicle in question must be examined and evaluated in many ways. Inspections are carried out by experts in the field. It is important to deliver the vehicle to the auto appraisal company in a clean manner so that the vehicle can be examined technically. In general, the controls made in auto expertise are as follows:

Suspension controls

In order to carry out the suspension controls of the 4 wheels of the vehicle, the vehicle is first taken to the suspension control area. Here, with the help of computerized devices, it is examined whether there is a loss of resistance and a break out on 4 wheels.

Brake system controls

The vehicle is taken to the brake control center by the expert to evaluate the reaction of the braking action on 4 wheels. With the help of a device, the tightening value is tested. it is important that the 4 wheels have the same value. An imbalance in the braking system leads to the vehicle being thrown.

Dyno test

The examinations that need to be carried out on the engine assembly are carried out with the dyno test. The test is carried out in a special area where security measures are taken. The vehicle is lifted onto the lift for the Dyno test. Before starting the Dyno test, the transmission, engine, and drivetrain are examined. In these sections, it is checked whether there are fractures, impacts, and oil leakage. The deformations found in the engine are understood as a result of the dyno test.

Diagnostic test

In the diagnostic test, the brain of the vehicle is checked. For this operation, the vehicle is taken into the lift. Malfunctions in the car's brain occur with certain codes. These codes are not presented directly to the driver, but a report is prepared according to the codes and this report is submitted.

Handbrake system controls

In this process, the maximum force of the right and left brakes is measured. At the handbrake controls;

Finally, in auto expertise operations, the internal components of the vehicle are checked in detail. All operations are transferred to the computer and a report is prepared. Since all the data obtained during the tests were prepared in a computer environment, the resulting report completely reflects the truth. Each part of the vehicle is tested by separate masters who are experts in their field. In this way, there is no room for error in the test phase and in the report.

When Should Auto Expertise Be Done?

2 Of the auto expertise. it is recommended to make it absolutely before buying and selling hand-held vehicles. The buyer party has the opportunity to clearly learn about the changing parts of the vehicle, general defects, and whether the vehicle was involved in an unregistered accident with auto expertise. 

Test driving and assessments made only with the naked eye are not enough to detect problems in the vehicle. For this reason, regardless of which model or brand it is, everyone who wants to buy a car should do an auto expert before the sales process takes place. It would be useful for the seller who wants to sell his vehicle to have an auto expert. Thus, he can sell his vehicle at its real value by getting information about the general condition of his vehicle. 

Auto expertise can also be performed in cases where sales are not in question. In order to ensure that vehicles can be used safely in traffic, it is mandatory that each vehicle is inspected at certain periods according to its class. Having an auto expert before the inspection period and fixing the problems according to the report helps the vehicle in question to pass the inspection quickly.

How to Find the Nearest Auto Expert Dealer?

The nearest auto expert dealer can be easily found on the Internet today. However, it is important to get services from corporate companies in order to get high-quality, reliable, and professional services. For this reason, you can get service from Pilot Garage, which has a wide dealer network in Turkey and whose reliability has been proven with high customer satisfaction. Since Pilot Garage provides quality service with a professional team in more than 350 locations, you can get auto expertise service with peace of mind from the Pilot Garage dealer located near you.

To find the nearest Pilot Garage dealer to your address, you can make provincial inquiries in the dealers category from the Pilot Garage website or get information from the customer support line located in the contact section.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing an Auto Expertise Company?

Paying attention to the following details when choosing an auto expertise company helps to make the right choice:

Preferring corporate companies

Corporate companies provide services with teams consisting of masters specialized in their field and the most ideal devices. You will easily see and feel professional service in every dealer of corporate companies in every respect.

Choosing an auto expertise company that is not recommended by the car dealer, but your own preference

Although it is not correct to think that the seller is always trying to deceive, it is useful to take into account the disadvantages experienced by buyers in the process from the past to the present. In order not to be a victim and not to suffer damage, it is important that the buyer determines the auto expertise company.

Preferring companies that offer comprehensive auto appraisal packages

Auto appraisal companies usually offer auto appraisal packages for different needs. Engine and body controls are among the indispensable processes of the appraisal service. Services such as interior inspections, tire inspections, and debt inquiries may not be included in every package. It is beneficial to choose companies that offer comprehensive packages, especially when it comes to purchasing vehicles. In this way, it is easy to reach the maximum information that can be obtained about the vehicle.

Preferring companies that control every brand and vehicle class

Auto appraisal companies generally serve every vehicle type and class. However, some companies serve a specific vehicle type, brand, or class. It is possible to come across that some companies only provide auto appraisal services for passenger cars.

At this point, it would be useful to question the institutional structure, team, and equipment of these companies. In order to get quality and reliable service, it is recommended to prefer auto appraisal companies that provide comprehensive services instead of companies targeting specific groups.

Preferring companies that use special equipment

It is extremely important to use computerized machines and devices in order to complete and report the auto expertise service accurately and reliably. Manual controls have a high margin of error. However, there is no room for error in the services provided by auto appraisal companies that use advanced technology machines at every stage. For this reason, it is beneficial to prefer auto appraisal companies that use special equipment.

Preferring the auto appraisal company in the appropriate location

When it comes to buying and selling vehicles, it is useful to choose the auto appraisal company from the location where the sale will take place and which is at a convenient distance for both the buyer and the seller, in order to be able to carry out all transactions in a short time.

Checking the price options

It is important to do price research for auto expertise. There can be a wide variety of prices on the market. However, it is important to carefully examine the companies that provide services at very low prices. The base prices are determined every year for the expertise fees. 

It is especially useful to stay away from companies that provide services with a price below the base price. It is recommended that you prefer companies that offer quality service at market prices and meet the above details.  

Why is Pilot Garage Preferred Among Corporate Auto Expertise Companies?

When it comes to auto expertise, there are many reasons why you should choose Pilot Garage among corporate auto expertise companies. These reasons can be listed as follows: