What is Expertise?

What is Expertise?

Expertise is a French word of origin.  It is derived from the word expert and translated into Turkish as expert and included in our lugat. An expert means an expert who has technical knowledge on a specific topic. 2. el auto expertise means that experts and certified experts in their field examine cars with technical vehicles and equipment in detail and report the results to us in an orderly manner.

Auto expertise operations consist of examining the car from accidents experienced by the relevant vehicle in the past to parts that change, from places that have deteriorated in the mechanical components to all points that may incur expenses in the near future. When the auto expertise operations are completed, a written report and information presentation are made to the person who wants this operation to be performed.

If a second-hand vehicle is purchased without an expert examination of the important points of the vehicle, it is likely that it will face problematic consequences in the future processes. Therefore, auto expertise is a very important process.

Unfortunately, we often encounter many aggrieved customers in the sector who face the fact that all their maintenance is done without interruption and the vehicles claimed to be accident-free actually have many problems after purchase.

Putting the vehicle you want to buy into the auto expertise process before and getting a report allows you to find out the damage status of the vehicle in a more impartial way.

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