What is Chip Tuning, Does It Come Out in the Expertise?

What is Chip Tuning, Does It Come Out in the Expertise?

What is Chip Tuning, Does It Come Out in the Expertise?

Car use is almost a need, especially at points where public transportation is not sufficient. It offers people the opportunity to travel comfortably without wasting time. But some drivers are not satisfied with the fact that their vehicles offer them comfort. They also want their vehicles to react quickly to them and have high performance. At this point, before you think about selling the car you have, you can take it to services such as Corporate auto expertise and have it checked whether the vehicle's performance is restricted by software, and if there is such a situation, you can remove this lock on it and start getting high performance from your vehicle. 

Is the action taken legal? will this process cause problems later? You may have some questions, such as. First of all, we should say that this process is a modification process. Sometimes vehicle factories find a way to restrict the vehicle with software instead of making hardware changes according to the legal speed limits and performance limits allowed by countries. The procedure performed serves to reverse this situation.

In some cases, the application may be based on a legal procedure and becomes official by being processed into a license. However, legal action is taken when such a situation is detected, as eliminating the security locks enough to push the vehicle's limits may cause an accident. For this reason, you should definitely pay attention to working with experienced or effective services when performing this operation in your vehicle.

Does Chip Tuning Come Out in the Expertise?

Tuning, a subject that the owners of vehicles with powerful engines with turbochargers are quite familiar with, is a process performed by professional craftsmen at professional points such as the Pilot Garage with appropriate devices that serve to reach the vehicle's brain, called the ECU. If the customer requests that the vehicle's software be checked during the purchase and sale, the change will be revealed.

If the customer does not want to use his vehicle in this way, the old software will be re-installed and the brain of the vehicle can be converted to one at the factory exit. In addition, the customer may not want to deal with such transactions and refuse to buy the vehicle. For this reason, you must license the software changes. After the procedure, the following changes occur;

- The power of the vehicle's engine can be increased or decreased

- If the speed is limited in the vehicle by software, these obstacles can be removed

- By placing restrictions on the vehicle, it can be ensured that it uses fuel more sparingly

- If there is a limitation on the torque of the vehicle, this situation can be reversed

- Changes can be made to the vehicle's filters

- The air draft, pressure, temperature of the vehicle's engine can be displayed and these values can be changed

As can be seen, the Chip Tuning process brings with it an extremely rigorous process. In order to manage this process successfully, it is absolutely necessary to get services from a company that is an expert in its field. However, thanks to this, it will also become possible to receive a high-level service.

Chip Tuning Nedir Ekspertizde Çıkar Mı?

Which Vehicles Are Chip Tuning Performed on?

Although the tuning process is known only as an application for sports and luxury vehicles, it can be applied to many different vehicles. These vehicles include marine vehicles, trucks, buses, trucks, motorcycles, construction machinery, agricultural vehicles. If we say that it is possible to intervene in almost every vehicle with a control unit in experienced companies such as pilot garage auto expertise, we are not exaggerating. If a capacity increase is to be made, it is necessary to have a turbo feature in the vehicle. This process is applied to diesel and gasoline vehicles. If the process is to re-adjust the parameters, it is necessary to be performed by experienced craftsmen.

Because in case of parameter changes, the files containing the data contained in the vehicle's brain need to be rearranged. In the tuning process, the software located in the brain of the vehicle is read first. Then it is decided at which points to intervene. After these changes, the vehicle is calibrated. Although the vehicle has a problem, it is taken for a test drive. If there is no problem, the vehicle will be delivered to the customer.

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