What are the German Car Brands?

What are the German Car Brands?

For many years, Germany has been appreciated all over the world for its advanced technical features. German car brands manage to satisfy buyers' needs to a large extent by constantly adapting to the changing conditions of the times. The production quality of the cars is an element that increases the interest of many buyers in German cars. German cars also promise extremely high performance and driving power.


Audi is one of the cars that attract attention in every era because of its style. Audi brand is known for its high technology and strong performance. Many models of Audi brand have seats with ventilation, automatic climate control, dynamic steering, semi-autonomous driving, intelligent ambient lighting, and active suspension features. The word Audi means "listen" in Latin.

When was Audi Founded?

The Audi brand was founded in 1885. With the completion of the designs in 1901, the first automobile was produced. The company, which had some partners in the founding years, was closed due to bilateral disputes. On July 16, 1909, the Audi brand was put back on a solid foundation. Audi has four rings in its symbol because it was founded by the merger of four companies.

Who is the Founder of Audi?

Audi was founded by August Horch. Audi vehicles are produced in many different regions of the world. August Horch is one of the most traditional brands that continue to exist almost 100 years after the Audi brand was founded.

Where was Audi Founded?

The Audi company is based in the Zwickau region of Germany. From the first day, this pitchfork is actively produced.

Who is the Owner of Audi?

The Audi brand is owned by the Volkswagen company. In this context, it is also called a sister company.

How Much is the Audi Company-Brand Value?

According to the research, Audi is among the 45 leading brands in the world in the ranking of the most valuable brands. The brand value of the Audi company is updated every year and amounts to about 7 billion dollars.


BMW vehicles are known for their extremely high-tech safety equipment. Airbags, stability control systems, and seat belts are designed by experts. At the same time, most of the models have special security systems capable of night vision and blind spot detection. BMW vehicles attract attention with their fuel efficiency and high performance. The interior design of the vehicles is designed with fine workmanship by engineers who are experts in the field. It has very efficient features in the field of fuel saving.

When was BMW Founded?

Known worldwide, the BMW brand was founded on March 7, 1916. Since then, it continues its production without slowing down.

Who is the Founder of BMW?

The founders of BMW vehicles are Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto.

Where was BMW Founded?

The BMW brand was established in Germany/Munich. Since the day it was founded, it has succeeded in making a sound in the market with different tools in every period.

Who is the Owner of BMW?

The current owners of the BMW company are Susanne Klatten and Stefan Quandt.

How Much is the BMW Company-Brand Value? 

The brand value of the BMW company is 28.9 billion dollars.


In order to choose the right vehicles, first of all, the equipment and features of the vehicles are examined. While designing Mercedes-Benz vehicles, factors such as safety, technology, efficiency, and fuel economy are taken into consideration. Mercedes vehicles feature up-to-date technology and sophisticated styling. Mercedes-Benz vehicles are known for their quality construction. These vehicles are enriched with many sensors, radar, and camera systems.

When was Mercedes founded?

Mercedes-Benz was founded on February 18, 1925. It continues its services for almost a century.

Who is the Founder of Mercedes?

The founder of the Mercedes-Benz brand is Karl Benz Gottlieb Daimler.

Where Is Mercedes Established?

Mercedes-Benz Germany was founded in Stuttgart.

Who is the Owner of Mercedes?

The present owner of the Mercedes-Benz brand is known as Daimler AG.

How Much is the Mercedes Company-Brand Value?

The brand value of the Mercedes-Benz company increased by 10% after 2021 and reached 56.103 billion dollars.


Volkswagen cars offer rare options for fun driving pleasure. With its sound system with higher quality and high sound technology, it allows for creating extremely enjoyable moments during the journey. Apart from this, it has useful satellite navigation, a system that allows you to find the parked place if you forget it, and a special touch screen.

When was Volkswagen Founded?

The Volkswagen brand was founded on May 28, 1937.

Who is the Founder of Volkswagen?

Volkswagen was founded by the German Labor Front.

Where was Volkswagen Founded?

Volkswagen was founded in Berlin, Germany.

Who is the Owner of Volkswagen?

The Volkswagen company is a partner company. The largest shareholder of the company is Porsche Automobil Holding SE with 31.3%. The majority stake in Porsche SE is also owned by the Austrian-German Porsche family.

How Much is the Volkswagen Company-Brand Value?

With a brand value of 31 billion dollars, the company is the 3rd most valuable vehicle brand in the automotive industry in the world.


Skoda vehicles are known for their robustness and ease of use. Skoda vehicles have many comfort equipment and safety details. It has superior safety features such as airbags, uphill or downhill, and cruise control. Skoda vehicles are also very suitable for modification. Skoda has a simple and understated appearance.

When was Skoda founded?

The foundation year of the Skoda brand is 1895.

Who is the Founder of Skoda?

The Skoda brand was founded by Václav Klement and Václav Laurin.

Where Is Skoda Founded?

The Skoda brand was founded in the Mladá Boleslav region of Czechia.

Who is the Owner of Skoda?

The Skoda brand was acquired by the Volkswagen Group in 1991.

How Much is the Skoda Company-Brand Value?

The Skoda brand has a brand value of over $1.9 billion.


Opel vehicles; They are extremely useful in terms of their special designs, versatility, and driving comfort. Features of Opel vehicles include rain sensors, auto-dimming rearview mirror, digital driver information display, and traffic sign test. In addition to these features, Opel vehicles also manage to keep up with the changing technology in terms of colors and designs. In this respect, it is a brand that always keeps its designs up to date.

When was Opel founded?

The foundation year of the Opel brand is January 21, 1862.

Who is the Founder of Opel?

The founder of the Opel brand is Adam Opel, who has the same surname as the brand.

Where was Opel founded?

Opel was founded in Rüsselsheim, Germany.

Who is the Owner of Opel?

Opel Opel was acquired by Group PSA in 2017.

How Much is the Opel Company-Brand Value?

The brand value of Opel company is around 2.5 billion dollars.


Seat vehicles are known for their extremely strong handling. This feature of handling also positively affects the cornering performance of the passengers. Engine noise is not heard inside the vehicle even at high speeds. When SEAT vehicles are examined from an economic point of view, it is seen that they contribute greatly to fuel economy.

When Was Seat Founded?

The foundation year of the Seat brand is May 9, 1950.

Who is the Founder of Seat?

The Seat brand was established by Instituto Nacional de Industria.

Where Is Seat Founded?

The Seat brand was founded in Barcelona, Spain.

Who is the Owner of Seat ?

Volkswagen AG owns the Seat brand.

How Much is the Seat Company-Brand Value?

The Seat is one of the strongest and most valuable brands in Europe in terms of brand value. It also ranks 23rd among the largest Automobiles brands and the best Spanish brands.


The unique feature of Porsche vehicles is their strong shock absorption capacity. Porsche vehicles allow passengers to identify with the movements of the vehicle, such as driving through the air. Porsche is known for sticking to the road despite its increased speed. Drivers also experience the comfort of plush leather seats. Wood veneers and premium metal surfaces are used in the interior design of the vehicle. Porsche is an extremely luxurious sports car brand in almost every respect. These cars make it possible to participate in racing competitions. Porsche literally means "race" in Spanish. Developed with a focus on racing, these cars have advanced features in terms of innovation. The most famous Porsche model is known as the iconic 911.

When Was Porsche Founded?

The foundation year of the Porsche brand is April 25, 1931.

Who is the Founder of Porsche?

It was founded by Ferdinand Porsche and Ferry Porsche.

Where Was Porsche Founded?

It was founded in Stuttgart, Germany.

Who is the Owner of Porsche?

Porsche, the German automobile company, is Volkswagen AG, majority-owned by Porsche Automobil Holding SE.

How Much is the Porsche Company-Brand Value?

Today, the Porsche brand has a brand value of around 11,370 billion dollars.

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