Used Vehicle Purchase and Sale Transactions

Used Vehicle Purchase and Sale Transactions

Used Vehicle Purchase and Sale Transactions

Vehicle sales are made through notary publics in accordance with the latest Highway Traffic Law. However, there are some things that are recommended to be done before coming to the notary process for vehicle sales.

These are:

If there is a traffic ticket;

  2. E-Government system
  3. General Directorate of Security (EGM) website
  4. Internet address of the Revenue Administration (GIB)
  5. PTT web address

You can control it via

Things to Consider While Selling a Vehicle

Required Documents for the Sale of Second Hand Vehicles

With the transition of many documents to the online world, only very basic documents are required from such buying and selling transactions.

If the sale will take place in the province where the vehicle is registered, the required documents are:

Notary Fee in Vehicle Sales Transactions

After the change made on February 1, 2018, the "PLATE Change Fee", which was required to be paid in the change of license plate according to the old law, has been removed. Accordingly, the vehicle transfer fee will not be paid in case of changing the license plate while buying a second hand vehicle.

Notary public purchase and sale expenses for 2019

224 TL

Drivers room license plate printing fee: 40 TL

Notary car sales fee: 224 TL

for a total of 264 TL.

Who Pays for Vehicle Sales?

While the vehicle is sold at the notary, the vehicle transfer fee must be paid by the buyer. The seller does not pay any notary fees.

Notary on Duty in Vehicle Sales Transactions

As of this year, notaries have started to serve as duty on Saturdays and Sundays.

It is Safer to Make the Payment of the Vehicle Through the Bank

It is the use of the bank for payment transactions and the avoidance of cash purchases as much as possible. While using the bank, you can use internet banking, instruct the bank to make a payment as a result of the sales transaction, or use a blocked check.

An important point to be noted here is that when the notary public's officer asks the seller whether the money for the vehicle has been taken or not, the seller should not say that he has bought the vehicle if he has not received the money so far.

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