Used Cars 6 Month Limit Arrived

Used Cars 6 Month Limit Arrived

Used Cars 6 Month Limit Arrived

A new draft law has been created by the government officials in order to prevent the increasing used car prices. Within the scope of the draft law created, a 6-month limit came to second-hand vehicles. At the same time, in this process, the condition of 6000 thousand kilometers was brought to the car dealers as a sales condition.

After these conditions brought to the vehicles, there has been a serious decrease in prices today. The downward trend in prices is expected to increase further with the new SCT reduction expected in the coming days. The shock drop in prices excited those who want to own a vehicle. The commercial sales of the vehicles, which did not exceed 6 months to 6 thousand kilometers from the first registration year, were thus prevented within the scope of the law.

What is the 6 Months Condition for Used Vehicles?

The 6-month vehicle requirement law, which was first brought to the agenda of the parliament by President Erdoğan, finally passed. In order to prevent price increases in second-hand vehicles, sales of vehicles that did not exceed 6 months from the first registration date were thus prevented. With the prevention of the sale of the vehicles, the dealers have now started to apply the 6 thousand kilometer limit to the vehicles.

With this limitation movement in vehicles, there have been serious decreases in vehicle prices. With the downward trend in the vehicle market, the market values of vehicles decreased by approximately 21%. It is expected that the decrease in prices will continue more rapidly in the last days, when the SCT reduction is also on the agenda.

İkinci El Otomobil 6 Ay Sınırı Geldi

When Will the New Vehicle 6 Month Sales Ban Begin?

The new second-hand vehicle market draft, which was prepared in line with President Erdogan's instructions, was finally passed by the parliament. After the draft bill passed by the parliament, a 6-month sales ban comes to new vehicles. As of the first registration date, vehicles will not be put up for sale for commercial purposes within 6 months. This is a critical decision for the second-hand market.

The fact that the vehicles are not put up for sale is among the developments that make people happy. With the new laws and laws, the vehicle market is experiencing active days. The parallelism of new vehicle prices with second-hand vehicle prices caused serious fluctuations in the vehicle market. In order to prevent the fluctuations in the markets, new sanctions were imposed on the new vehicle market. These decisions basically aim to prevent price fluctuations arising from the purchase and sale of vehicles.

In the light of recent developments, it is known that there has been a significant increase in the second hand vehicle market. As a natural consequence of this situation, the prices of second-hand vehicles are also increasing. At this point, it is also known that the decision to ban the sale for 6 months is a step towards preventing this kind of price increase. However, increasing inflation pressure and rising costs; It also affects the automotive industry.

How is the Latest Situation in the Second Hand Market?

As a result of the new sanctions, those who want to own a second hand vehicle will have the opportunity to benefit from a service cycle full of opportunities in this process. The expansion of the service campaign offered to those who want to own a vehicle, is among the developments that make people happy. The developments in vehicle prices within the scope of the last-minute developments in which active days were experienced in the markets were effective in losing the downward momentum of the prices. The developments in the markets make those who want to own a car happy and come to the fore as news that is closely related.

Within the scope of the new law brought for those who want to own a vehicle, people will thus be able to purchase vehicles at 30% more affordable prices with the SCT discount. It ranks first among the developments that are expected to bring new opportunities by government officials to people who want to buy vehicles at affordable prices.

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