Tüv Türk Vehicle Inspection Checks Before !

Tüv Türk Vehicle Inspection Checks Before !

You can have your checks made before the Tüv Turkish inspection of your vehicles at our Pilot Garage Auto Expertise dealers.

Brake controls with brake tester

Shock absorber controls with suspension tester

General mechanical condition and mechanical components controls

Lighting controls

Lock and window controls

Safety belt controls

Tire controls

Bottom control and front tool clearance controls on the car lift

Undercarriage controls on the car lift

Electronic tests ( with diagnostic devices )

What needs to be done before the Tüv Turkish Vehicle inspection;

If your vehicle has been inspected, the date of the “Compulsory Traffic Insurance” of your vehicle will be checked first, if necessary, the policy will be renewed by us, and then mechanical component checks and tire checks will be carried out

Your vehicle's tax, traffic fine or OGS debt make an inquiry on the website; if there is a debt for your car, deposit it online or from the tax office; if your car has no debt or has paid, you do not need to get a “no car debt” certificate,

If the exhaust stamp day of your vehicle has passed“ an "exhaust gas emission measurement" is performed and, if necessary, the exhaust gas is taken for a gas test

If your vehicle is LPG-powered, please get the “gas tightness test report”,

If there are any modifications to your vehicle (such as fuel type, chassis number and color change), please prepare the repair invoices with the “Renovation project" drawn and approved by the authorized engineer,

The original of your vehicle license, the original of your compulsory traffic insurance, together with the fuel stamp, your vehicle is ready for inspection.

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