News from the Automobile Industry - November 2015

News from the Automobile Industry - November 2015

Dacia sold 3.5 million units


In a short period of eleven years, Dacia has won the hearts of more than 3.5 million customers in Europe and the Mediterranean region. Denis Le Vot, Vice President of Sales & Marketing Europe, delivered the keys of the 3.5 millionth Dacia sold after it was revived in 2004 to Jody Panov. Dacia Sandero Stepway is the first brand new Car purchased by Jody Panov. During their trip to Turkey, Jody's parents see a lot of Dacias on the road and tell their daughter to do some research on these cars, which look like 'good cars'. Above all, Jody won his heart with the Sandero Stepway design he saw when he went to do research at the Dacia Dealer in Mill Lane. And as a result, he immediately ordered a Sandero Stepway.


“Today we are handing over the keys of the 3.5 millionth Dacia. I am very happy that this delivery is in England, where the brand was launched in 2013.” Denis Le Vot, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Europe. “Reaching 3.5 million customers, Dacia reaffirms its achievements thanks to its clear and simple commitments that perfectly meet customers' expectations. Dacia offers its customers cars that are safe, with modern features and at reasonable prices.” Dacia: A success story of over 10 years In just 11 years, Dacia has sold more than 3.5 million vehicles in Europe and the Mediterranean Region. Two years after the complete renewal of the product range, the brand continues to grow. In the first half of 2015, Dacia sales increased by 10.1% to 290 thousand 24 units. In the first half of the year, sales in Europe increased by 5.5 percent and reached 205,436 units. In France, Dacia maintained its position as the 5th Brand in the passenger car market with 5.3 percent and ranked 4th in retail customer sales. Record sales were made in 19 of the 44 countries where the Dacia brand is sold in the first six months of 2015. Dacia continues to gain strength in the Turkish market Dacia continues to rise in the Turkish market. The brand achieved a market share of 4.6 in the total market. This share is above the record 4.5 share in 2015. With this performance, the brand ranks 7th in the Brands ranking. Dacia, the best-selling 4x4 brand in the market, achieves success in its segments with all its models. While Duster is Turkey's best-selling 4x4 model, Lodgy and Logan MCV are leaders in their segments. An ever-expanding customer community Besides its commercial success, Dacia has also proven its ability to bring customers together. Dacia owners in many countries share their experiences around three common values: open-mindedness, simplicity and generosity. Thousands of customers attend events held in various countries and demonstrate their loyalty to the brand. In France, 11,000 people attended Dacia's Great Birthday Celebration. In the Czech Republic, 6,000 fans in Denmark and 3,400 fans in Germany came together for big picnics. To celebrate the brand's 10th anniversary in Morocco, 4,500 spectators attended the international star Khaled concert; The concert was also watched by tens of thousands of people on the screen.


These community events are becoming increasingly popular and enable customers to form strong bonds with the brand. On Facebook, Dacia had around 2.8 million fans in just five years. The number of Dacia Facebook fans in Turkey is 745 thousand 522.


Toyota Hilux 44 'discovery route'

In addition to introducing thousands of years of history and unique natural beauties, the book "44 Discovery Routes with Toyota Hilux", which aims to bring hobby and travel enthusiasts together with the paradise corners of Turkey, met with the readers. The specially designed travel book, which is offered for sale in 8 D&R stores in Istanbul and also in nearly 200 distinguished bookstores throughout Turkey, especially İnkılap and Remzi Bookstores, tells the reader how to go to these places and what to do at these points, along with the features of 44 exploration routes. While giving historical and touristic information about the places to be seen in the book published by Dimension Publications, "things to do and not to be missed" are listed. The travel book, in which 44 points from 7 regions of Turkey are enriched with photographs, consists of 95 pages. From the untouched springs of the Black Sea to the hidden paradises of the Aegean, from the exuberant streams of the Mediterranean to the mysterious lands of the Southeast, in the travel book “44 Discovery Routes of Culture, Nature and Adrenaline with Toyota Hilux” prepared for the launch of the new Hilux and presented to the reader in cooperation. A "unique experience" is promised for many places. With its 44 Discovery Routes, Toyota Hilux invites “those willing to get off the road” to an adventure full of fun and excitement in the unique treasures of Anatolia.


Peugeot and ATP announce worldwide cooperation

Peugeot and ATP have announced that they will collaborate worldwide from 2016. This collaboration enables Peugeot to become the official automobile sponsor of the ATP World Tour, with a fleet of 500 vehicles put into service. Peugeot is the Platinum sponsor of the ATP World Tour and the official Automobile sponsor of the ATP World Tour in more than 20 tournaments. More than 500 vehicles (especially 508, 3008, 5008, Expert Tepee) will provide transportation for players, VIP guests, officials and spectators in all these tournaments. Peugeot will thus benefit from international marketing rights, visibility on the courts and a hospitality program throughout all these tournaments. With this collaboration, Peugeot is expected to reach over 635 million television viewers and more than two million active spectators in different tournaments by displaying their vehicles. Peugeot has been supporting the world of Tennis for over three decades, and its biggest representatives include world No. 1 Novam Djokovic, as well as David Ferrer, Juan Martin del Potro, David Goffin, Jérémy Chardy, Benoît Paire, Tommy Robredo, Gilles Simon, Alize Cornet and Belinda. There is Bencic. Today, Peugeot strengthens its long-standing support for tennis by combining its presence in 160 countries with the worldwide image of the ATP World Tour. “Peugeot has been supporting our sport for many years, and this collaboration with the ATP World Tour will reinforce its position as the leading car brand in the tennis world,” said ATP President Chris Kermode. . This growth is a result of our viewership records and our capacity to offer special platforms to our sponsors. Peugeot Managing Director Maxime Picat said: “Tennis is a natural expression for Peugeot, because this sport emphasizes the values of dynamism, discipline, grace and excitement. And it is these values that we want to share with our customers. Peugeot has supported the Roland Garros tournament for over 30 years. “This new collaboration with the ATP World Tour is a natural extension of our commitment to tennis in the context of international growth and will give Peugeot visibility around the world all year long,” he declared.

Outside of the courts, Peugeot will also exist on, the largest digital portal dedicated to tennis with 325 million visits. Peugeot will also be the main partner of ATP World Tour Uncovered, the tournament's weekly TV magazine distributed in 170 countries, giving fans exclusive access to the ATP World Tour backstage.


Motor Vehicles Tax hike rates announced

Motor Vehicles Tax-MTV 2015 hike rates have been announced. October inflation figures for Motor Vehicle Tax-MTV calculation 2016 have been announced. According to the inflation figures of TURKSTAT, various taxes, fees and penalties are expected to be increased at a revaluation rate of 5.58 percent in the new year. Accordingly, the MTV of cars up to 1300 cm3 in the 1-3 age group will increase to 624 liras, those between 1301-1600 cm3 will cost 998 liras, and those over 4001 cm3 will cost 22 thousand 717 liras. As of New Year's, those who pass a red light will be fined 200 lira, and those who drive drunk will be fined 845 lira for the first catch - Drivers who exceed the speed limit by up to 30 percent will pay a penalty of 200 lira, and those who exceed 30 percent will pay a fine of 413 lira - Those who do not wear seat belts and the parking ban in the new year violators will face a fine of 93 TL. LOWEST MOTOR VEHICLE TAX IS 624 TL. Accordingly, the lowest motor vehicle tax will increase by 33 TL to 624 TL. The motor vehicle tax, which is 591 lira for cars with an engine cylinder volume of up to 1300 cubic centimeters in the 1-3 age group, will be 624 lira at the beginning of the year. The tax for cars with engine cylinder volume between 1301 and 1600 will increase from 946 lira to 999 lira. The tax of off-road vehicles over 4 thousand engines will be 22 thousand 717 liras with an increase of 1,200 lira. CLICK TO CALCULATE MTV.. 2016 PASSPORT FEE HIGH 1 YEAR PASSPORT FEE 163 TL 1 year passport fee will be 163 TL with an increase of 8.5 TL. The license fee will increase by 21 lira to 402 lira for class B. In 2016, the environmental cleaning tax will be increased by half the revaluation rate, or 2.8 percent. The penalty for crossing a red light and exceeding the speed limit will be 199.5 lira, with an increase of 10.5 lira. A penalty of 844 liras will be applied to those who drive under the influence of alcohol when they are first caught. The penalty for those who are caught driving drunk for the second time will be 1 thousand 59 liras. Those who do not wear seat belts will be fined 93 liras.


Skoda Celebrates 110 Years in Automobile Production

Celebrating its 120th anniversary on the one hand, Skoda is also proud of producing its first car 110 years ago. The company, founded by Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Klement under the name Laurin & Klement at that time, laid the foundations of Skoda, one of the most important and well-established automotive manufacturers in the world, while unloading its first automobile, the "Voiturette A" model, on 29 October 1905.


Cars produced by Skoda, which has been producing automobiles for 110 years, have achieved incredible success all over the world today. About 10 years after the establishment of the L&K bicycle factory, 6 years have passed since the first L&K brand motorcycle was produced, in 1905, the company started to produce automobiles with a 7-horsepower vehicle. Voiturette, which means "small car" in French, was offered for sale after long test drives. This small car, which went on sale in 1905, led Skoda to become an important automotive company that has produced over 40 different models and more than 17 million vehicles to date. Today, Skoda has become a company that manufactures in Bohemia, that is, Mlada Boleslav, in the Czech Republic, as well as in various geographies, including China, India and Russia. 1905: A milestone Voiturette A was not only Skoda's first car. At the same time, he presented many innovations that are still used in the automotive world. As a matter of fact, the radiator of this car, which has a two-cylinder engine with a volume of 1005 cm3, was placed in front of the engine for the first time. The steering system, which had been positioned vertically until that day, was placed horizontally for the first time. Voiturette A, which was produced only 44 units, had a 3 forward and 1 reverse gearbox and could reach a speed of about 40 km / h. Introduced at the Prague Motor Show in 1905, the first car of the L&K company also managed to make a big splash with its two-cylinder V-engine. While this innovation was featured in the October 29 issue of the German automobile magazine, it was also announced on the cover of a weekly Czech magazine at the end of 1905. Carrying the excitement of the first day, the Skoda brand continues to make a name for itself with its different, innovative and practical models.


Businessman who bought the first domestic car for 5 million

Gebzeli businessman Muzaffer Altıntaş, who bought the first domestic car to be produced for 5 million, is traveling in a 1974 model Vosvos. The charitable businessman said, "If my life is not enough to see this car, I will leave a will to my children." Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık announced yesterday that the first domestic car to be produced was sold to a businessman from Gebze for 5 million. Gebzeli businessman Muzaffer Altıntaş (77), who took the word of the automobile, made statements on the subject. Saying that he is interested in automobiles and traveling in a 1974 model vosvos, Altıntaş said, “Our Minister Fikri Işık promised me the first domestic car. Good luck to our country and our nation. If a domestic car comes out, I got the word of the first car. Our Minister said that it will be on the market in 2019. I said, 'What are you going to do with the first car?' He said to me, 'We will give it to a citizen. We don't have any promises to anyone for now, but let me promise you first. If our President and Prime Minister did not promise anyone, we will give it to you,' he said. I guess the car is mine, since it was not promised anywhere and it came to me in the press," he said. “IF IT DOESN'T BE IN THIS WORLD, I WILL SEE IT IN THE OTHER WORLD” Expressing that he will leave a will to his children, Altıntaş said, “I don't see it in this world, I see it in the next world. Domestic cars are not bad. In the past, we could not find a ball bearing of the domestic car, we would fix it. Not so now. Turkey has everything. It can be done, isn't our head working in technology? It works in our minds at least as much as foreign countries. There are very good organizations. What is an automobile factory? I am happy that the domestic car came out. At least a thousand people work in this domestic automobile production. If you multiply by 3, 3 thousand people will eat bread from the domestic car. It will increase to 5-10 thousand people with its parts and sub-industry,” he said. "I DID NOT EVEN SEE THE PHOTO OF THE LOCAL CAR" Stating that he had not even seen the photograph of the domestic car, Altıntaş said, "I will take it as a symbol. It is not very important,” he said. Stating that he loves the work of Minister Fikri Işık and himself, Altıntaş said, “I love working people. God bless good people. Our minister, our mayor of the metropolitan municipality, provided many services to Gebze. There are some shortcomings, but it will be gradually. There was no hotel in Gebze, I built a hotel here. God has given us this day. May God give me a long life, I will continue to do it," he said. When asked about getting into a 1974 model car, Muzaffer Altıntaş said, “I love cars. These cars are crafting cars, not like now. Now it is made from tin. This car has a lifespan of 100 years. This car is 42 years old. It's like it just came out of the workshop. I bought this as a gift for my grandson as a symbol.” Muzaffer Altıntaş, who is from the Black Sea region and has an office in his hotel in Gebze, plays the kemençe from time to time.


Volkswagen announced losses for the first time in 15 years

Volkswagen, Europe's largest automotive manufacturer, announced that it made a loss in a quarter for the first time in 15 years. Volkswagen, which had bad days due to the emission scandal in its diesel vehicles, announced that it made a loss in a quarter for the first time in 15 years and announced that it had an operating loss of 3.48 billion euros. The after-tax loss in the third quarter was 1 billion 673 million euros. Volkswagen made a profit of 2.97 billion euros in the third quarter of last year. The company's turnover in the third quarter was 51.5 billion euros. "The third quarter figures clearly show the initial impact of the current situation, while at the same time revealing the core strength of the Volkswagen Group," Volkswagen CEO Mathias Mueller said in a written statement.


7 "Futuristic" Cars from Tokyo Auto Show!

At the Tokyo Auto Show, car manufacturers presented their car designs for the future to people's taste... Tokyo Auto Show event is held every 2 years. Concept cars are dazzling. The fair will open its doors in two days, but companies have already started to give ideas for the fair. 1. Mitsubishi EMIRAI xDAS Mitsubishi EMIRAI xDAS took its place among the most anticipated with its Batmobile-like car. 2. Mitsubishi eX Another Mitsubishi concept, the eX is an electric SUV. The company says the car can travel 400 kilometers on a single charge. 3. Nissan Teatro for Dayz This car from Nissan is actually a giant smartphone. The interior of the car is equipped with LED screens where the occupants can always be online. 4. Toyota FCV Plus Toyota FCV Plus will use next generation hydrogen fuel entirely. The car with wireless charging feature will be able to share its energy with the cars next to it. 5. Honda Wander Stand Honda showed off a few personal models. One is the Wander Stand, which is a small car inside. The user will be able to stand while the strange-looking car is in motion. 6. Honda Wander Walker The Wander Walker will have a tablet-like screen and will provide video navigation to the user. 7. Suzuki Air Triser Air Triser, one of Suzuki's concepts, can be transformed into a private lounge. The seats of the vehicle can be shaped as desired while the vehicle is parked.


Crystal Apple Rain for Fiat!

Drawing attention with its marketing communication actions that managed to become the center of attention all over the world, Fiat received 5 awards at the same time at the 27th Crystal Apple Creativity Festival. Awarded in different branches and categories at the festival, where the most creative Advertisements were awarded, Fiat received 2 Crystals and 3 Bronze Apples. The brand, which draws attention with its successful works in the branches of press advertisement, TV-Cinema film and Special Media Application, also made a difference with its outdoor advertisements. Fiat received 5 awards at once at the 27th Crystal Apple Creativity Festival held this year. The brand, which received awards in 5 different branches at the festival, where the most creative advertising and media use practices were awarded, became the owner of 2 Crystal and 3 Bronze Apples. Reaching the Crystal Apple in the Social Responsibility Category in the Press Ads category with the advertisement titled "Hands", Fiat won another Crystal Apple in the Outdoors category with its "From Billboards to Giant Nests" project in the Durable Consumption category. In Fiat's "Hands" advertisement, emotional awareness was created by showing a couple holding hands, emphasizing that if both hands are not on the steering wheel while driving, it will cause separation from life and one's loved ones. Winning the Bronze Apple with the "Fiat 500 Family" in the Automotive category in the category of TV and Cinema commercials, Fiat gathered all 500 models for the first time and introduced the spirit of the Fiat 500 that never compromises on its style with the slogan "100% You, 500% Style". and he signed a movie that announced that he was a big family. Fiat was also awarded in two more categories in the category of media use. In this category, the Fiat Ducato Showroom Billboard in the Best Ambient Media Usage (Special Environment Application) category, and the Bronze Apple in the Product/Service category, "From Billboards to Giant Nests". The movie, which tells about the conversion of used advertising materials into a home for stray animals in Bolluca Shelter, was watched by millions of people on Fiat's Facebook and Youtube pages in a week.

Adopting surprising, humorous and warm messages in all marketing communication applications, Fiat's new advertising communication campaigns will also be nominated for awards in the coming period.


200 million Euro loan from EBRD for Tofaş's new investments

Tofaş, the leading institution of the automotive industry, signed a new loan agreement of 200 million Euros with the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Tofaş's social responsibility projects in the field of education, human resources policy and R&D investment targets were influential in the realization of the loan agreement. HSBC and Bank of America Merrill Lynch were the two banks participating in the syndication. The loan of 200 million Euros with a maturity of 2022, provided within the framework of the loan agreement signed between Tofaş and EBRD on October 22, 2015, will be used for fixed assets and R&D expenditures of the company's automobile investments in hatchback and station wagon segments. The loan in question will enable the realization of an important transformation and will also provide resources for the production of 700 thousand vehicles. On the other hand, this loan agreement is aimed at increasing Tofaş's presence in social responsibility projects, as well as conducive to new recruitment.


With the new loan agreement, Tofaş will also encourage participation in the knowledge economy by creating an innovative ecosystem covering a wide segment from manufacturers to suppliers, from research centers to vocational training schools in Turkey. Continuing R&D investments for two new models Making a statement on the subject, Tofaş CEO Cengiz Eroldu said, “We perceive innovation as a whole with our products and services, our business processes and ways of doing business, and organizational solutions. We are reshaping Tofaş's employment policy within the framework of social realities and needs. We have signed a cooperation based on both consultancy and finance with the EBRD, which supports the studies carried out in different countries of the world on this subject. With the new loan agreement, we will accelerate our R&D activities. At the end of 2014, we prepared Doblò for the USA and Canada market and had it renewed for Europe. We introduced our new compact sedan car project, Egea, to the world at the Istanbul Autoshow. While the preparations for the launch of our new sedan model continue in 2015, we are focused on the development of our hatchback and station wagon cars, which are the other products of the Egea Project and which we are preparing mainly to offer to export markets, and on the renewal of our Fiorino model. EBRD Turkey Director Jean-Patrick Marquetise stated that innovation is the driving force of the automotive industry and said, “We are very pleased to support Tofaş, which invests in the development of quality workforce as well as R&D investments in order to remain competitive in the global market and to manufacture value-added products. The automotive industry, which is one of the biggest sources of employment in Turkey, stands at an important point that can lead the positive transformation of the Turkish economy and thus support the country's economy to reach a more participatory and competitive position on the world scale. The EBRD is proud to work with Tofaş towards this goal.” The EBRD is an experienced investor in the automotive industry who has worked in different areas, particularly in regions such as Eastern Europe and North Africa. In Turkey, it aims to make the Turkish automotive sector more competitive and contribute to the national economy by supporting research and development studies in innovative companies such as Tofaş.


Oslo Bans the Use of Cars!

This is Oslo, which bans cars. There is interesting news from the Oslo city council. The new city council, which consists of 59 people and will rule the city for 4 years, announced that cars will be banned in the city center. This would make Oslo the first European city to ban cars. Perhaps in the future, some city governments on the continent may take similar decisions. There are 3 parties in the newly elected council, the Labor Party, the Greens and the Leftist Socialists. According to the council's statement, cars will be completely banned in 2019. Before the ban, at least 60 kilometers of bike lanes will be built and an incredible investment will be made in public transport. "We will make Oslo a better place for pedestrians and cyclists," said Lan Marie Nguyen Berg of the Green Party. She also said it will benefit the shops and everyone. Cars will be banned, but city buses and trams will continue to operate. In addition, solutions for disabled citizens will start to be produced immediately. The population of Oslo is around 650,000 and the number of vehicles exceeds 350,000. To put it this way, banning cars in the city center is a serious decision. Other European cities have been making plans for this for a few years. All vehicles were banned for one day in Paris last month. This has also been tried in some parts of London and Madrid. Only 799 units will be produced Ferrari Ferrari's V12 engine super sports car F12tdf, which produces 780 HP power, is officially getting ready to hit the road.


Only 799 Ferraris Will Be Produced

Ferrari's 780 HP V12 engine super sports car F12tdf is officially getting ready to hit the road. The F12tdf will be offered for sale to a limited number of customers in Turkey by FerMas, which is the distributor of the Ferrari and Maserati brands under Tofaş. F12tdf is now being added to the models developed in line with Ferrari's special program for the last 10 years, which includes cars designed for private customers only for use on the tracks. The new Ferrari super sports car, which can be owned by a very limited number of customers all over the world with only 799 units produced, symbolizes a historical homage to the Tour de France races, which the legendary brand has repeatedly stamped.


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