Mobile Auto Expertise

Mobile Auto Expertise

Mobile Auto Expertise

We come to the address you want with our fully equipped Pilot Garage Mobile Auto Appraisal vehicle and do the appraisal of your vehicle on site. At the end of the tests carried out with the latest computerized technology, we give you a detailed appraisal report about the current status of the vehicle. The biggest problem in buying and selling second hand vehicles is not knowing what you are buying. Thanks to the Pilot Garage Auto Expertise Report, you can buy the vehicle you will buy with confidence. Even if the second hand vehicle you will buy is in a different city, we go and do all the checks on your behalf and deliver the report to you.

If your time is limited or if you do not want to wait for hours at the service to check the vehicle you intend to buy, Mobile Appraisal Service is for you. If you do not have time to take the vehicle you intend to buy for inspection, you can benefit from Mobil Service and Mobile Expert services. All you have to do is call us and tell us the date and time of the appointment. If you choose the Mobile Service, our mobile teams will come to the address you specify and perform all the checks of the vehicle you want to buy. It delivers your Detailed Report to you.




As the name suggests, it is the on-site appraisal and reporting of the vehicle you will buy or sell, by coming to the place where the car is located or to the address you specify. Have you found a vehicle in another city but have no one to show you the vehicle? Will it be available when you want it? Don't want to be a burden to anyone? We are as close as an appointment. You will go to look at the vehicle you found, but do not understand the vehicle? Specify in your appointment and meet with our appraiser at the location of the vehicle. Examine the Auto Expertise on the spot. Don't waste your time and money by going with another vehicle and don't take the risk of returning without liking the vehicle. Choose one of our tariffs that suits you. Save time and keep your money in your pocket.




There are three tariffs: ECONOMIC (2) and STANDARD EXPERT.


ECONOMIC (1) and (2) tariffs at the given address,

It is carried out by taking it to our STANDARD EXPERT centres.


You do not need to be in the same province or be in charge of the vehicle for the appraisal. You set the appointment time.

If you are a Whatsapp user, the reporting and photos of the vehicle will be sent to you instantly.

Money Back Guarantee: In case of error for which Pilot Garage Mobil Auto Expertise is responsible, your payment will be returned to you.



1- Step: Fill in the required form about the vehicle and select the report you want. Economic Expertise or Standard Expertise.

2- Step: Add the appropriate day and time for you as a note. Enter the information that will allow us to contact you.

3- Step: Our appraiser will contact you when the required fee for the reporting you have chosen is paid.

4- Step: After the report you want is done, it will be sent to you as you specified.




It is an appraisal package that is made on-site by the expert appraisal, going to the address you specify, and inspected under the following headings.


It is an appraisal package that is made on-site by the expert appraisal, going to the address you specify, and inspected under the following headings. ECONOMIC (1) There are additional parts added to the package.



It is a fully equipped appraisal package that is taken to a fully equipped computerized computerized control center by our authorized appraiser in the specified province, if the vehicle owner has permission.





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