Is Appraisal Mandatory When Purchasing a Vehicle?

Is Appraisal Mandatory When Purchasing a Vehicle?

Is Appraisal Mandatory When Purchasing a Vehicle?

In the past, it was a method preferred by many buyers, although it was not mandatory to have a corporate auto appraisal while buying a vehicle. Because there were many sellers in our country who made people suffer by selling defective goods. On top of that, the high price of the vehicle pushed the buyer to take such additional measures. Today, as of September, the new law published by the Ministry of Commerce has made the appraisal process obligatory. People who do not have a license to buy and sell vehicles will no longer be able to sell more than three vehicles per year.

Authorized dealers, on the other hand, will have to obtain an appraisal report for vehicles under the age of 8 and with less than 160,000 kilometers. If the appraisal report is not submitted to the notary public, the vehicle will not be sold. It is thought that this law, which has been expected to come for a long time, will increase the feeling of confidence in buying and selling, and thus the second-hand vehicle market will revive even more. In addition, it will be checked whether the companies that want to obtain a license for vehicle trade have committed an infamous crime. The companies that will submit an appraisal report, on the other hand, will check whether their instruments are TSE certified or not.

Who Pays the Vehicle Purchase and Sale Appraisal Fee?

There is no clear law regarding who will pay for the appraisal report to be obtained from companies such as Pilot Garage in purchase and sale transactions between real persons. However, since the person requesting the report is the buyer, as is customary, he is expected to bear the costs. However, if the seller has not been honest about the condition of the vehicle, in this case, the buyer may request a discount from the seller by citing the negativities in the appraisal report. If the buyer wishes, he can refuse the purchase due to these negativities. In such a case, the seller is expected to return the appraisal fee to the buyer.

In case of purchasing from authorized dealers, the rights of the buyer are protected by Article 14 of the Regulation on the Trade of Second-Hand Motor Vehicles. The dealer is expected to inspect the car before the sale and give a copy of the report to the buyer. If the buyer refuses to purchase, except through the seller's fault, the seller must pay the appraisal cost. Again, if the buyer wants to get an appraisal report from a different service, in this case, he has to cover the costs himself. Except for these cases, the responsibility rests entirely with the authorized dealer.

Araç Satın Alırken Ekspertiz Zorunlu Mu?

Can You Buy a Vehicle Without an Expertise Report?

Depending on the mileage and age of the vehicle, you can buy a vehicle without getting a report from companies such as Pilot Garage Auto Expertise. You can use this method especially when buying a vehicle from people you know, not from dealers. The drivers, who are experienced for years and understand the interior of the vehicle, can check and pick up the vehicle without the need to wait at the dealers for expertise because they are quite confident in themselves. In this way, it is one of the methods to be applied to check and pick up the vehicle with an experienced person.

There are also benefits to purchasing without an appraisal. The appraisal report is a requested report in terms of giving confidence. If you think that your seller is honest and will not deceive you, you can trade without the need for an appraisal report. But you should also know that in such a sale, you will be responsible for the vehicle's defect in the future.

In this way, buying a vehicle without getting a report will save you thousands of dollars in costs. If the condition of the vehicle is suitable for sale without a report, buying the vehicle without an appraisal will also prevent you from losing time. In a much shorter time, you can apply to the notary and have the vehicle on you. In the light of all this information, as Pilot Garage Auto Expertise, we have the ability to bring you auto appraisal service on a corporate basis. Thus, you can get service with exactly the features you are looking for.

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