How to Do Expertise in Pilot Garage?

How to Do Expertise in Pilot Garage?

If you want to have a detailed expertise before buying a car, you can make an appointment at the nearest Pilot Garage Auto Expertise dealership and take your car to our dealership for comprehensive checks. Pilot Garage Auto Expertise, after performing a detailed auto expertise of the vehicle, informs you of all the problems with written reports down to the smallest detail and makes an oral presentation. In this way, you can get detailed information about the current condition of the car you will buy.


Pilot Garage Auto Inspection is carried out in a computer environment with state-of-the-art expertise machines and certified personnel who are experts in the field during the testing of the used car you are thinking of buying.


The test process is processed step by step into the report via the online system. The vehicle is first taken to the engine test. Here, its strength, wear rate and wear condition are determined. At the next stage, the vehicle's paint, bodywork, changing parts, and which parts have paint or not are checked by computer and accompanied by certified craftsmen. All tests are performed separately by masters and reports are prepared.


In turn, all sections such as Dyno control, road simulation, engine power measurements at various norms, friction loss measurement in drivetrains, torque measurement, transmission December measurement and wheel power measurement are examined in the finest detail. As a result of the inspection, a technical report is prepared to indicate to you which parts of the vehicle are damaged.


Engine power measurement determines how much power the engine produces at what speed and . If any revision or modification has been made, the power values are compared before and after. In wheel power measurement, how much of the power generated by the motor is transmitted to the wheels is shown on the graphic screen.


In the road simulation test, by applying resistance to the movement of the engine, a more suitable situation is created for detecting faults that occur only under load, as if they were driving on the road. Dyno control, on the other hand, helps to determine the error rate of the vehicle's tachometers and speedometers. With this and many other operations like this, the final report about the vehicle is issued and a presentation about the vehicle is made to the buyer. Now that we have information about the vehicle, it is at the customer's initiative to decide whether to take it or not.


Pilot Garage Auto Expertise is at your service at the nearest point with more than 90 dealers throughout Turkey with the experience from the past and the principle of quality, reliable and impartial service!


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