How Many Minutes Does Auto Expertise Take?

How Many Minutes Does Auto Expertise Take?

Auto expertise reports are an important document for people who want to buy a second-hand vehicle. Thanks to this document, all details about the vehicle can be easily examined and checked. The auto expertise report is issued within an average of 3 business days.

In order to prepare the report, some parts of the vehicle must first be checked and tested with computerized machines. During these checks, the vehicle is examined down to the smallest detail. The expert report is especially important when it comes to purchasing a vehicle, as it provides information about the general condition of the vehicle.

How Many Minutes Does Auto Expertise Take?

The duration of the auto appraisal process may vary between 20 and 60 minutes depending on the selected packages.

How long is the validity period of the expert report?

The expert report is the only document that helps eliminate all question marks regarding the current condition of the vehicle in question. However, this report is only valid for a certain period of time. In order to prepare an expert report, it is necessary to allocate a certain budget. In order to avoid extra costs, it would be beneficial to request the report only when necessary

It is not possible to use the expert report whose validity period has expired. Therefore, if an expert report is needed, an auto appraisal should be done again and a report should be issued. There is an official decision regarding the validity period of the expert report. According to this decision, the validity period of the expert report is between 6 months and one year.

The report can be requested not only for vehicle sales but also for obtaining a loan from the bank. Transactions can be made in more than one bank within the validity period with the same expertise report. It is important to carefully follow the validity period of the expertise report to avoid extra costs.

What is the Use of an Automobile Expertise Report?

The auto expertise report contains information about the auto expertise process performed. In order for the report to be issued, a vehicle must be checked by experts in the field using computerized machines. During checks, computerized machines usually show the status of the vehicle with the help of certain codes. It is not possible for everyone to understand these codes.

In order to understand the values resulting from the measurements more clearly, a report is prepared and presented to the person who requests it. Automobile expertise is a mandatory procedure for selling a second-hand vehicle. Therefore, the auto expertise report is a legally required document.

In addition to being legally required, the buyer has access to all the details about the vehicle they plan to purchase, thanks to the auto expertise report.

Whether there is a problem with any part of the vehicle, whether the vehicle was involved in an accident, replaced parts and many other details can be learned through the expert report.

How Much Do Expertise Reports Cost?

The expert report is issued based on the examinations made. An auto appraisal service is obtained to produce an appraisal report that helps determine the current condition and real value of the vehicle. Automobile expertise is a service offered with different packages.

Therefore, expert report prices vary. While some packages are narrower in scope, some auto expertise packages are very broad in scope. Therefore, it is completely normal for prices to vary.

It is important to carefully select the auto expertise company from which service will be obtained to prepare an auto expertise report. There are many auto expertise companies in the market.

However, not every company may be reliable. Therefore, when it comes to auto expertise reports, it is beneficial to choose auto expertise companies that offer quality service before price. Working with a reliable auto expertise company prevents financial losses.

Is Expertise Buyer Pays or Seller Pays?

The expert fee is paid by the party requesting the expert service. Automobile expertise is a service generally requested by the buyer. In fact, auto expertise is more beneficial to the buyer than the seller. Therefore, the party who wants to buy more vehicles pays for the auto expertise service.

Auto expertise service can also be obtained by the seller. It helps the seller to have information about the vehicle and sell it at its real value in line with this information. If the seller requests service, the auto expertise fee is paid by the seller.

What is the Main Purpose of Auto Expertise?

The main purpose of auto expertise is to clearly determine the general condition of the vehicles. Auto expertise performed with technological devices and computerized machines gives 100% accurate information. This information is especially important in buying and selling transactions.

It also helps to obtain preliminary information before vehicle inspections in order to ensure that the vehicle passes the inspection easily.

Having an auto inspection before the inspection is effective in ensuring that the vehicle passes the inspection easily. According to the expert report, the problematic parts or parts can be overhauled and the vehicle can be prepared flawlessly for inspection.

Can a sale be made without an expert report?

As of 2022, it is important for people selling second-hand vehicles to obtain an expert report before selling. Because it is mandatory to submit the appraisal report to the notary during the sale. If this report is not submitted to the notary, an administrative fine may be imposed by the Ministry of Commerce.

In addition, the expert report includes vehicle mileage information. Since mileage information must be included in the sales contract, it is not legal to sell without an expert report.

Does Expertise Make the Sales Process Easier?

Expertise helps the seller to be sure of himself and his vehicle and the buyer to feel safe. Expertise facilitates the sales process because it has positive effects on both parties.

Thanks to the expertise, the seller can market his vehicle with confidence. It displays a confident stance during the sale as it determines the current condition of the vehicle and the true value of the vehicle in an ethical manner. The buyer can easily own the vehicle he/she wants without having any questions about the vehicle.

What Does the Expertise Check?

In auto expertise, many parts of the vehicle are examined down to the smallest detail. These examinations are carried out with technological devices. Checks are made by experienced experts. Auto inspection takes approximately 45 minutes. However, the expert report is issued within 3 business days on average. The expert checks the following details:

What Comes Out in Expertise?

In the expert report issued as a result of tests and measurements, it is checked whether the vehicle has been involved in an accident before, if so, how many times it has been involved, how much damage it received during the accident, and every corner of the engine, from its mechanical systems to its oil systems, from its chassis to its suspension, is checked.

All details about the transmission, paint, changing parts, brake systems and many other sections are included in the expert report. In order to ensure that the vehicles can be used safely in traffic and that the buyer is not victimized, it is mandatory to obtain an expert report in the buying and selling transactions of second-hand vehicles.

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