Göçmen Oto Era Started

Göçmen Oto Era Started

Immigrant auto era has begun

When the domestic stay period of vehicles brought to Turkey from abroad increased from 6 months to 24 months in October, a new business area emerged. Cars bought from foreign countries are sold in Turkey at a price of 1/3.

Residents of Turkey started to buy luxury cars from countries such as Bulgaria and Georgia at a price of one-third without paying taxes on the website. The period of these vehicles with foreign license plates is extended after 2 years for a certain fee.



With the regulation made last October, taking into account the Syrian immigrants, the permit period for land vehicles for personal use brought from abroad was increased from 6 months to 24 months. After this decision, which was announced for the first time by Prime Minister Davutoğlu, a new sector emerged rapidly. Especially those who brought vehicles from Georgia and Bulgaria started to sell cars by establishing a website. The cars, which found buyers in Turkey at $80,000 including taxes, began to be offered for sale at $20-25 thousand. When contacting buyers via the website, the first information about the system is given over the phone. Sellers, who receive a commission of $1000 for cars that can be purchased cheaper when there are no taxes paid in Turkey, claim that they have done all the necessary transactions in the country where the car was brought. He says that a person from that country is a guarantor for the person who bought the car, and that everything from the insurance of the car to the license is legal. He states that they do all these transactions through their 'business partners'.



A dealer we contacted over the phone firstly questions whether we will really buy a vehicle. Once convinced that we are the buyer, he gives his first warning: “If you want a low-priced vehicle, let's end the conversation.” When we say that the vehicle we like is the 2014 model Mercedes-Benz E-180 for 22 thousand 500 dollars on the websites, he continues: “The value of this vehicle is 19 thousand 500 dollars. But I get 1000 dollars commission. There is also a customs tax of 2 thousand dollars. If you wanted a $10,000 car, there would be no point in paying that expense. That's why I first asked you how much you want a vehicle for."



Can we travel easily in Turkey to the seller who gives technical information about the vehicle? Will we have a problem with insurance and license? We pose questions. He answers our questions in the following way: “You will not have any problems in these matters. We issue a license on your behalf. It is processed on your passport. We also take out your insurance. Someone from Georgia vouches for you. We are arranging that person.” Listing what to do at the end of the second year, the seller said, “You are contacting us again. If the car was bought from Georgia, you need to go there. You meet with our business partners there. The license plate of the vehicle is changed. It looks like it's been resold. At check-out, another $2,000 is paid. Don't let this scare you. You will not pay tax for the vehicle in Turkey for 2 years. You will not get an examination”.



Authorities warn citizens about vehicles with foreign license plates. Stating that the vehicles bought by liking their photos on the Internet are not safe, the authorities said, “Fraud can be made with this method. Internet and phone calls are not secure. In some cases, the vehicles in the photos do not come. Those who showcase used luxury cars in Georgia on their websites in Turkey claim that they will buy the car in Georgia on behalf of the citizen after receiving power of attorney and money from the buyer. A used car purchased abroad cannot be sold in this way in Turkey. Only the foreigner can drive a vehicle with a foreign license plate. Be careful not to fall into the trap,” he says.



Insurance and motor insurance fees in TURKEY may vary depending on the condition, age and price of the vehicle. Compulsory traffic insurance prices for a passenger car purchased from Turkey vary between 400 lira and 900 lira on average. The price is determined by the driver's damage history, the condition of the vehicle and the model year. Insurance prices in Turkey range from 1200 TL to 3 thousand TL. Here, the main determinant is the value of the vehicle.

compulsory insurance at the border

Vehicles entering Turkey from ABROAD are required to have compulsory green card insurance upon entry. With the Green Card Insurance, it protects the expenses against vehicles or third parties that may be damaged as a result of accidents that may occur while traveling between countries.



With the decision published in the Official Gazette on October 13, a temporary import permit was granted for 'twenty-four months' for land vehicles for personal use brought into the Customs Territory of Turkey. Thus, cars brought to Turkey from abroad can stay in Turkey for up to 2 years. Before the change, this period was 6 months.

foreign cars can stay in Turkey for 24 months, auto appraisal, auto check-up, purchase and sale of vehicles with foreign license plates

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