Current News from the Automobile Industry - February - March 2015

Current News from the Automobile Industry - February - March 2015

Did you know that it was BMW's first electric car?

You will be amazed by BMW's first electric car!

Did you know that the i8, which was announced as the car of the future with the hybrid model BMW produced last year, is not the first?

BMW, one of the leading manufacturers of the automobile world, produced a concept car last year and was the guest of honor in automobile magazines and programs.

It's A Flying Car! Coming…

Are you ready for cars that can fly when necessary?

3. there is also a somewhat sad reason behind the development of Aeromobil, the prototype of which was finally unveiled in October last year: the state that is now the Republic of Slovakia, if you remember, was once part of Czechoslovakia, which was ruled by the communist regime. Here is the first appearance of the AeroMobil idea, the contribution of the country and the regime was great. According to their statement, CEO Juraj Vaculik and co-founder Stefan Klein intended to flee the country by designing such a vehicle! As it seems, this childish desire has not passed with the fall of the iron curtain. So when will the car meet with customers?

First of all, we should note that the world is not ready for flying vehicles yet. Both psychologically, physically, and -usually- legally. The vehicle has already fully completed its development; the company clearly states that Aeromobil is not yet light enough. Studies are continuing to find a material that is both lightweight and offers the necessary robustness. Of course, this is a factor that will also increase the price. It is stated that AeroMobil will carry a price tag of “several hundred thousand euros”.

To fly AeroMobil, you need to have a private pilot's license... But even if this license is available, we can't imagine how the relationship between a vehicle that suddenly starts flying while driving on the highway will be with the state authorities. Dec. Using AeroMobil purely as a flight vehicle -at least in the short term-makes the most sense.

AeroMobil, which is stated to be produced in a limited number first, will go on sale in 2017 if there are no problems. What will happen next, we are really wondering too.

Attractive prices for Honda Civic Sedan starting from 54 thousand 750 TL

August March Honda lovers who want to own a 2015 model Honda Civic Sedan, the payments for overdraft purchases begin in August.

Attractive prices starting from 54 thousand 750 TL in the Honda Civic Sedan Honda, which also provides 1.500 TL swap support to those who want to renew their car, also offers a special price starting from 54 thousand 750 TL for the Civic Sedan.

Within the scope of the new campaign prepared specifically for the Honda Civic Sedan, attractive opportunities are waiting for those who want to own a new Honda or renew their vehicle at Honda authorized dealers. In addition, Civic Sedan models are waiting for their new owners with figures starting from 54 thousand 750 TL at Honda dealers, where many opportunities are offered from swap support to special interest rates.

Paying August 2015 for the installment payments within the scope of the campaign valid until March 31, 2015, Hondasevers who purchase Civic Sedans using credit can also take advantage of attractive interest rates. Within the scope of the March campaign, an interest rate of 0.78 percent per month is applied for the use of a loan of 30 thousand TL with a term of 18 months for gasoline or LPG engine options. For those who want to bring their vehicle and own a new Honda Civic Sedan, 1.500 TL swap support is provided.

Big advantages with Toyota Mart campaign

Toyota's price advantage in 2014 model year cars continues in the special campaign for March.

Big advantages with the Toyota Mart campaign. In addition to the 6-month installment postponement, suitable interest and maturity options, the campaign also offers swap opportunities for those who want to sell their old vehicles and buy a new Toyota. The 2014 model year New Yaris, which stands out from its peers with its compact structure and different design, is included in the campaign with prices starting from 38 thousand 450 TL.

The number of vehicles reached 19 million

The number of vehicles registered to traffic was 18 million 955 thousand 588 as of the end of January.

The number of vehicles reached 19 million Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) announced January 2015 'Motor Land Vehicles'. According to this; As of the end of January, 52.5 percent of the 18 million 955 thousand 588 vehicles registered to the traffic were automobiles, 16.3 percent vans, 14.9 percent motorcycles, 8.6 percent tractors, and 4.1 percent. Trucks comprised 2%, minibuses 2.3 percent, buses 1.1 percent and special-purpose vehicles 0.2 percent.

Among the 137 thousand 334 vehicles registered to the traffic in January, the automobile took the first place with 64.5 percent. This was followed by pickup trucks with 20.8 percent, motorcycles with 5.1 percent, and trucks with 3.9 percent, respectively. Minibuses, buses, special purpose vehicles and tractors constituted 5.7 percent of the vehicles.

In January, the number of vehicles registered to traffic increased by 43.7 percent compared to December. This increase was 51.3 percent in automobiles, 44.2 percent in minibuses, 64.2 percent in buses, 93.2 percent in pickup trucks, 125.7 percent in trucks and 79 percent in special purpose vehicles. There was a decrease of 21.2 percent in motorcycles and 57.7 percent in tractors.

In January, the number of vehicles registered to traffic increased by 10.5 percent compared to the same month of the previous year. This increase was 8.7 percent in automobiles, 38.8 percent in minibuses, 4.7 percent in buses, 22.7 percent in pickup trucks, 26.3 percent in trucks, and 44.4 percent in tractors. There was a decrease of 23.1 percent in motorcycles and 29.7 percent in special purpose vehicles.

In January, 137 thousand 334 vehicles were registered to traffic, and 10 thousand 467 vehicles were deregistered from traffic. Thus, the total number of vehicles in traffic increased by 126 thousand 867.


Among the total 462 thousand 576 vehicles transferred, the automobile took the first place with 69.9 percent. The automobile was followed by pickup trucks with 16.8 percent, tractors with 3.9 percent and motorcycles with 3.2 percent, respectively. Minibuses, buses, trucks and special purpose vehicles constituted 6.3 percent of the vehicles transferred in January.

As of the end of January, 41.2 percent of the 9 million 944 thousand 305 cars registered to the traffic were fueled by LPG, 29.6 percent were diesel fueled, and 28.8 percent were gasoline fueled. The rate of cars whose fuel type is unknown (2) is 0.4 percent.


Of the 88 thousand 533 cars registered in January, 17.8 percent were Renault, 11.9 percent were Volkswagen, 8.4 percent were Hyundai, 7.2 percent were Fiat, and 6.7 percent were Dacia. Opel 6.5 percent, Ford 6.3 percent, Toyota 6.3 percent, Nissan 3.7 percent, BMW 3.5 percent, 21.8 percent from other brands. appeared to occur.

Of the 88 thousand 533 cars registered in January, 37 percent were 1501-1600, 26.5 percent 1401-1500, 18.2 percent 1300 and below, 13.4% 1301-1400, 3 percent. ,1 of them have 1601-2000, 1.6 percent of them have 2001 and above engine displacement. The ratio of cars with unknown engine cylinder volume is 0.1 percent.

Of the 88 thousand 533 cars registered in January, 61.3 percent were white, 16.9 percent were gray, 9.8 percent were black and 4.6 percent were red, while 7.3 percent were in other colors. it happened.

Advantages of March from Nissan

Unmissable opportunities for Qashqai, Note, Micra and New Juke, which are among Nissan's popular passenger models, continue in March.

Capturing the success it displayed in European countries with its 3.4% market share, which it continued to increase in the passenger car market, Nissan also continues its attractive campaigns for the popular models of the passenger car range in March.

In all Qashqai models of the 2014 and 2015 model years, 40 thousand TL loans are offered with a 20-month maturity and 0.89 percent interest.

In 2014 and 2015 model year Micras, 0.59 percent interest and a maturity of up to 15 months can be used under 15 thousand TL loan terms.

For 2014 model year New Juke, 20 months and 0.59 interest opportunity is offered for 30 thousand TL loan, while 2014 Note models have 15 months and 0.59 percent interest opportunity for 15 thousand TL loan.

The leader of the crossover segment, Qashqai's 2015 model year is waiting for its owners at Nissan authorized dealers with prices starting from 67 thousand 990 TL, X-Trail 99 thousand 990 TL, New Juke 51 thousand 990 TL, Note 46 thousand 650 TL and the indispensable Micra of the city 39 thousand 400 TL. .

This Wheel Generates Electricity

There are two things that everyone expects about the cars of our future: They will be electric and driverless.

In other words, a chronic problem of all mobile electronic devices we use now will hit our vehicles (even now, since electric vehicles are widely used in America and Europe): Charging!

Fortunately, the technology that causes the problem does not delay the cure. It is estimated that these vehicles will produce some of their own electricity, easing this issue for users a little bit. So how will the tools do this? First of all, it is worth noting that roads for electric vehicles are under development. Apart from that, the first thing that comes to mind is solar panels. Earlier, there were reports that solar panels that can be placed on vehicle windows and are almost invisible are being developed. It's also foreseeable that if aesthetic enough, these panels could be placed on the front hood, roof and rear of the vehicle. In this way, the vehicle will be able to charge itself throughout the day.

So how much is enough? Of course, without a working prototype - at least - it is pointless to comment on this. But it's good to see that other equipment on the vehicle is also starting to generate electricity. We don't know what will happen next, but our current electricity generating part is wheels! These wheels, which are developed by Goodyear and are now a concept - you can appreciate - convert heat and pressure into electricity with their thermoelectric and piezoelectric materials! In this way, the vehicle can generate electricity from where it stands, just like solar panels, while on the move or under the sun!

Special offers for March from Mercedes-Benz Turk

Mercedes-Benz Türk offers privileged opportunities with advantageous interest and payment options in special campaigns for March, prepared for commercial vehicle product groups.

Within the scope of the campaign prepared by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services for March for all 2014 model Actros models and 2014 and 2015 model Axor 2529 CD, Axor 2529 K, Axor 3229, Axor 3240, Axor 1829 K, Atego 1518 and Atego 2124 truck types, Customers who prefer the Mercedes-Benz Motor Insurance package for 1 year or more can benefit from monthly payment options starting from 2,587 TL, with interest rates starting from 0,81% for a loan amount of up to 180,000 TL, and maturity options up to 48 months.

In Euro payment options, fixed interest rates starting from 0.28% for loan amounts up to € 70.000, maturity options up to 48 months and monthly payments starting from € 1.134 can be used.

Manage Your Car From Your Wrist!

Recently, we have been going to bed with smart watches and getting up with smart watches.

Manage Your Car From Your Wrist! It is not known whether these products, which are currently supporting our mobile phones, will replace phones in the near future; but it is clear that they will appear on the arm of more and more people every day. First of all, we pay attention to our health, notifications, messages and emails, etc. These products are starting to interfere with our vehicles with the Hyundai Blue Link Companion App.

The utility application, which was first showcased by the South Korean company at this year's CES, finally came to smart watches. This application, of course, concerns Hyundai owners; In fact, it would be more accurate to say: This application concerns Hyundai owners who have Blue Link support in their vehicle. This is a term that corresponds to the 2012 model Sonata and later models. So where can we reach our vehicle with the Blue Link Companion App? What can't we do? We can lock and unlock the doors, start and stop the engine, turn on the lights, honk the horn. What makes things even better is that we can use our voice as well as the menu we navigate on the touch screen while doing all this. In short, in the near future, it seems that our smart watches will replace the keys of our car. Or it's already gone; however, it is useful to check the charging status of the devices. We don't want to be on the road, do we?

Frank Ferrera of Hyundai Motors said: "It's like being James Bond 007 or Scotty in star Trek!"

The AndroidWear version of the app has been released. But that's not all; The company also has good news for Apple fans: According to the statement, the Apple Watch version of the Hyundai Blue Link Companion App is also available; just waiting for the clock to come out!

What's new at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show

It has been 10 years since Logan was launched in Europe. The Romanian brand, which has been revived with the support of Renault, has undersigned an unprecedented success story throughout Europe.

Dacia celebrates its 10th anniversary with a special edition that will cover all models (except the Dokker Van). The limited edition versions offered with Logan, Logan MCV, Sandero, Duster, Lodgy and Dokker feature Cosmos Blue colour, extraordinary styling details, and the new Internet-connected Media-Nav Evolution navigation system.

The Dacia Media-Nav Evolution system incorporates all the features that contribute to the success of Madia-Nav. The new generation Media-Nav Evolution navigation system includes Bluetooth® and USB connections, integrated navigation, TMC (Traffic Message Channel) traffic information and AHA application, which allows to stay connected to the internet easily at any time.

Dacia Duster is now offered with the 4WD TCe 125 version. This 4-cylinder, direct injection and turbocharged engine is the product of Groupe Renault's downsizing strategy. This 1.2 liter engine is equipped with the latest technologies to maximize energy efficiency (Stop&Start, reduced friction). Duster thus takes the 4x4 option a step further with the 1.6 16v 105hp and dCi 110hp versions (depending on the country).

The TCe 125 engine is mated to a 6-speed 4WD transmission. Drivers can easily adapt the features of the Car to their environment by choosing between three different modes with a control located in the center console: 4x2, Auto and Lock. Fuel consumption is at the level of 6.4 lt / 100 km and CO2 emissions are limited to 145 g / km. Eco Mode, on the other hand, helps drivers reduce fuel consumption and adopt a more economical and ecological driving style.

Dacia: a commercial success

Since the launch of Logan in 2005, a total of 3.1 million Dacia vehicles have been sold in Europe and the Mediterranean basin. In 2014, the brand achieved more than 500 thousand sales during the year.

Under the leadership of Carlos Ghosn, the Dacia brand has grown significantly. Currently present in 44 countries, the brand offers its customers a complete series of seven cars, including the Dokker Van light commercial vehicle. Logan, Logan MCV, Sandero, Duster, Lodgy, Dokker and Dokker Van.

Completely renewed in two years, Dacia is now one of the automotive companies with the youngest product range in Europe.

Dacia achieved the strongest growth in the automotive market for two consecutive years, with a market share of 2.5% (+0.4 points) in Europe. Dacia sold 511 thousand 362 vehicles in 2014. Sandero and Duster models, each selling 160,000 units, accounted for two-thirds of sales. These two models were followed by Logan with approximately 100 thousand units.

Dacia, which ranks fifth in the French market, increased its market penetration rate by +0.5 points to 4.9%. The biggest share in this was the success of Duster and Sandero (third best selling vehicle).

In Spain, where Sandero is the best-selling car, Dacia's market share increased by 0.7 points to 4.7% thanks to the sales of 45,986 units.

Dacia continues to break volume and market share records in other European countries as well. For example, Dacia's market share in Italy is 2.7% with sales of approximately 40 thousand units. In the UK, just two years after its introduction, Dacia has already captured a market share of about one point, with 23,862 customers gained in 2014.

In Turkey, the Dacia brand achieved the highest market share in its history with a 4.5% market share, with 34,469 sales recorded in the total market in 2014.

Ten years of bond between the brand and its customers

Dacia customers also share their commitment to the brand on Facebook, with an international page and 27 country pages. The number of the community in this social media continues to increase day by day. The numbers have doubled in just one year and the current number has grown to 2.2 million fans. The most active countries are Turkey (650 thousand fans), followed by the birthplace of the brand, Romania (350 thousand fans) and France (about 270 thousand fans). North Africa, Algeria and Morocco have 250 thousand and 240 thousand fans, respectively.

The Star of Geneva is the New Skoda Superb

Skoda presented the third generation Superb for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show. Exhibiting how the new face of the brand will be in terms of design, Skoda also emphasized the highly dynamic aspects of the brand in Geneva.

The Superb, which is the production version of the VisionC concept car introduced last year, was one of the models that everyone was curious about in Geneva. In addition to its exterior design, the New Superb also stood out with its technological features. Setting the standards of its class once again in terms of width and comfort, the Superb also offers the largest luggage volume in its class with 625 liters.

A turning point for Skoda in terms of technology, the Superb also features Dynamic Chassis Control. Thus, the driver can choose the desired driving mode, from sport to comfort. The new Superb, whose weight has been reduced by 75 kg thanks to its new engines, now has 30 percent less fuel consumption and CO2 emissions with its improved aerodynamics. Superb, which will also be offered in a 4x4 option, will start to be sold in Turkey in August.

Investment in Turkey from Tesla!

The world-famous electric car manufacturer Tesla is preparing to invest in Turkey. Developers who despair of non-renewable energy sources are integrating renewable energy into technology with logical moves. However, electric vehicles are slowly taking their place in the new world order.

Tesla is a company known worldwide for its electric vehicles and the charging stations it provides for such vehicles. 400 of the nearly 2,000 stations in total are fast charging stations called "Superchargers". Tesla has projects to double the number of these fast charging stations by 2015. Within the scope of these projects, it will also put fast charging stations in Turkey.

Superchargers are deployed in supermarket-style public spaces where people can easily access them. In order to take advantage of the 20-minute battery charging process and fill your tank, your vehicle must have an 85 kWh battery. There are also vehicles with a 60 kWh battery, but an 85 kWh battery can be added to these vehicles later.

Tesla company is expected to open a management center in Istanbul this year. The company, which will then start the installation of stations, is expected to establish stations in Istanbul, Izmir and Bursa in the first place.

Toyota impresses with its innovations at the Geneva Motor Show

Toyota held the world premiere of the New Avensis and New Auris models in Geneva and the European premiere of the hydrogen fuel cell sedan Mirai. Proving once again the importance it attaches to human life with its newly developed safety technologies, at the Geneva Motor Show, Toyota became the center of attention of the fair with its hybrid cars.

1.6 Diesel Option in New Toyota Avensis The New Toyota Avensis, presented at the Geneva Motor Show; new front and rear design that exhibits a dynamic, striking and powerful stance; With its elegant, comfortable and completely renewed interior, it has taken the perception of quality to a higher level. Avensis, whose length has increased by 40 mm, now offers much safer and more comfortable driving pleasure in every version and equipment level, with its improved safety features, as well as new engine options.

Nissan Reinterprets the Compact Hatchback: Introducing SWAY!

Nissan celebrates its design, innovation and overall success with the "Sway" concept, which made its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show.

Sway took the stage at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, where Nissan's traditional competitive and innovative spirit was revealed in every aspect. The aim of the Sway concept, which was developed with passion and experience, which revealed the record-breaking Crossover models Qashqai and Juke, is to change the balance in the B Hatchback segment, which has a conservative structure.

The concept, shaped by Nissan's original design, gives clues on how to design compact Nissan models of the future. In the design of the concept, the tastes of European users were prioritized: It is both emotional, aggressive and exciting!

The curved lines and aggressive front section used in the Sway concept, designed to animate and introduce innovation to the compact Hatchback class, are accompanied by elegant sophisticated colors in the interior. The Sway concept as a whole is a product of bold and emotional design.

Renault at the Geneva Fair

Renault makes world premiere of its new Crossover Model “Kadjar”

KADJAR: Renault's brand new crossover model meets car lovers with its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show. Located in the gap between Captur and Koleos, Kadjar is a C-Crossover car that will accelerate Renault's international growth.

The Kadjar will also be the first Renault car to be produced in China, the world's leading automobile market, in 2016. In 2014, total vehicle sales in China exceeded 22 million; 26 percent of this figure consists of crossovers.

Rising on the Renault-Nissan Alliance's CMF C/D platform, Kadjar reflects the Alliance's expertise in crossoversegment.

Available with 4x2 or 4x4 gearbox, Kadjar is equipped with Energy series engines. The Kadjar is offered with two diesel and one petrol engines: EnergydCi 110(lowest CO2 emissions in its segment at 99g/km), EnergydCi 130 diesel engines and EnergyTCe 130 petrol.

Thanks to R-Link 2, Kadjar offers high-level internet connection. The Kadjar will be available in Europe and Turkey at the beginning of this summer.

The R 240 electric motor, which gives ZOE extended range, is also exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show. Thus, ZOE has a best-in-class range with an additional 30km.

Subaru's Geneva innovations

Subaru took part in the 85th Geneva Motor Show with the new sport tourer LEVORG, which will be available for sale in Europe and Turkey in the coming months, the Forester with Lineartronic, which has a 2-liter Boxer Diesel engine, and the new Outback equipped with "EyeSight" driver assistance technology.

The most important innovation of the stand is; After Japan, it was the sports car-touch LEVORG that was preparing to enter the European market. Among other innovations of the brand; There is the 2-liter Boxer Diesel Forester with CVT transmission and the Outback, which takes on a bolder identity with its renewed design. The new Outback will be one of Subaru's shining models this year with its high-end hardware features and new generation security approach.

Subaru attended the Geneva Motor Show with innovations that will mark 2015. The European premiere of Subaru Levorg's press conference was held on Tuesday, March 3 at 09:15 at the Subaru Booth.

Mitsubishi draws attention in Geneva

Mitsubishi drew attention with Concept XR-PHEV II and New L200 in Geneva pulled on it.

MITSUBISHI Concept XR-PHEV II, developed by Mitsubishi Motors, managed to become one of the most striking models at the 85th Geneva International Motor Show. Stating that Mitsubishi has focused on plug-in hybrid vehicles after the interest and successful sales graphics of the Outlander PHEV, Temsa Motor Vehicles General Manager Eşref Zeka stated that the Geneva Motor Show is a platform where innovative technologies are introduced.

The new L200 is on sale in Turkey in the second half of the year. Eşref Zeka emphasized that the New L200, which stands out with its robustness and durability as a commercial vehicle, is also one of the models that draw attention in Geneva. Zeka has announced that the 5th generation L200, which is planned to be offered for sale in 150 countries, will be offered for sale in Europe and Turkey in the second half of the year.

Offering an interior cabin and comfort equivalent to a car as the 'top sports pick-up', the New L200 consumes 17% less fuel and emits carbon compared to its predecessor. The CO2 emission drops to 169 g/km in the New L200 with a 6-speed manual transmission. With the addition of the 4x4 Super Select system, which is also found in the Pajero model, to the New L200, its off-road capability also increases immensely.

Zeka: “Completion of the ASX product range will strengthen our position in the market” Temsa Motor Vehicles General Manager Eşref Zeka emphasized that they aim to maintain their strong position in the market with the New L200, and that they anticipate growing in the passenger product range that will be completed with the arrival of the new ASX next year.

Explaining that the diesel engine option of the current ASX will be in Turkey in the next few months, Zeka said, "The completely renewed ASX will enter the Turkish market in the second half of 2016." he stated.

Skoda Starts a New Era in Geneva

Skoda, which came to the Geneva Motor Show this year with major innovations, also held the World Premieres of the Fabia 'Monte Carlo' with a more fiery version of the Octavia RS and Octavia Combi RS after the introduction of the completely revamped Superb.

Skoda also gathered attention by revealing the dynamism of the brand at the Geneva Motor Show.

The Octavia RS 230, which had its world premiere in Geneva, attracts attention with its fiery design, sporty cabin, modern technology and impressive power. A special version of the Skoda Octavia RS, the 230, as its name suggests, produces 230 horsepower. the 2.0 lt TSI engine has been updated to provide more power. When this Car is preferred with a 6-speed manual transmission, it goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds. Its maximum speed reaches 250 km/h. All these features make the Octavia RS 230 the fastest Octavia model ever.

Sports suspension is offered as standard on the Octavia RS 230. In addition to the body lowering by 15 mm compared to the standard Octavia, the electro-mechanical steering ensures optimal handling and agility. Thanks to this technology, narrower bends can be turned with less steering input.

Visually, the Octavia RS 230 clearly emphasizes its sporty character. The special black design package features 19-inch matte black wheels, black grille, black mirror caps, red calipers. Black roof rails are also offered on the Combi RS 230. In addition, there are two matte exhaust outlets for different engine sounds of the car in the car.

The Octavia RS 230 and Octavia Combi RS 230 will be available in June with four exclusive body colors: Corrida Red, Lunar White, Magic Black and Steel Gray.

Fabia Monte Carlo “ A Fluid Design" Another world premiere of Skoda in Geneva was the Monte Carlo version of the Fabia. The Monte Carlo version, which takes the Fabia one step further with its different details, has an attractive design package and a sporty cabin.

Completely renovated and introduced at the end of 2014, the Fabia also attracts attention as one of the first representatives of Skoda's evolving design language.

Together with these features, the Monte Carlo version adds more dynamics and sportiness to the car's design.

remarkable features such as 16-17 inch wheels, black details on the exterior design, black glass roof make the Fabia Monte Carlo different. Among other features in the cabin, the three-spoke sporty leather steering wheel and sports seats are also highly appreciated. The Fabia Monte Carlo, which is offered as an option with a sports suspension, will be available on the market with this option lowered by 15 mm.

With Skoda's Strong Product Range in Geneva, Skoda also had the opportunity to showcase its strong product range in Geneva. The new version of the Octavia RS and the Fabia Monte Carlo had their world premieres and Skoda presented the Octavia 4x4 Scout Combi, Octavia Combi RS 230, Octavia G-Tec Combi, Yeti 4x4, Yeti Monte Carlo, Rapid Spaceback and Fabia Combi to the likes along with the new Superb 4x4 versions.

SEAT's vision for the future; 20V20 Concept vehicle in Geneva!

SEAT is making the world presentation of the 20V20 Concept model, which is an example of its future design philosophy, at the Geneva Fair. The dynamic, four-door SUV coupé concept, where functionality and emotion come to the fore, shows SEAT's "2020 design roadmap".

Advanced driving technologies, assist systems and an innovative approach in all details make the 20V20 Concept model one of the stars of the Fair. At the Geneva Motor Show, SEAT offers a clear perspective on the future of the brand and showcases the 20V20 concept vehicle, an extremely sporty and powerful SUV. Emphasizing the systematic evolution of the Spanish brand's design language, 20V20 redefines the 'sports-purpose' discourse in this class.

SEAT 20V20, which stands for "2020 vision"; It combines the dynamic silhouette of a four-door sports coupe with the sportiness of an SUV and the versatility of a mid-size estate. The 20V20 concept model has a platform compatible with SEAT's TSI, TDI and Plug-in Hybrid engines that combine both performance and fuel efficiency. It also adapts to the DSG transmission or the electronically controlled 4-wheel drive system.

Emerging with the SEAT 2020 vision, the 20V20 has an exciting design where every line is logically thought out and implemented very well. This impressive design of the 4.6 meter long 20V20 is based on two elements; balance and clear design lines created in proportions.

Track record from Civic Type R

The Honda Civic Type R, which showed up with its production version at the Geneva Motor Show, set a new record with a time of 7 minutes 50.63 seconds in the Nordschleife section of the Nürburgring Track.

In Geneva, alongside the Civic Type R, another performance car exhibited the production version of the NSX. Continuing to demonstrate its racing spirit, Honda showcases production-ready versions of the Civic Type R and NSX models at the Geneva Motor Show. Equipped with a 2.0-liter turbo engine with 310 HP power and 400 Nm torque, which is the most exciting innovation of the European market, the Civic Type R can reach a maximum speed of 270 km / h.

INFINITI's new compact crossover

INFINITI unveiled the new QX30 Concept, which will bring a new breath to the premium compact crossover segment, at the Geneva Motorshow. The European launch of the brand's new sports coupé, the Q60 concept, was also held at the fair. The two-door concept vehicle with its striking silhouette is a very special model that will meet the expectations of Premium customers with its eye-catching lines and exciting driving dynamics.

INFINITI made the world premiere of the QX30 Concept model in the compact crossover segment at the Geneva Motor Show. With the QX30 Concept, Infiniti aims to reinvigorate the premium compact car class. The innovative QX30 model, which blends Infiniti's premium comfort concept with crossover lines, will be produced in Europe.

So how do you sell your vehicle?

Three new commercials of, which is one of the largest automobile advertisement sites in Turkey and where those who want to buy, sell or rent a second-hand vehicle meet, have started to be broadcast on national channels.

The brand, which facilitates the buying and selling processes that vehicle owners have difficulty with, conveys these difficult processes in a short and entertaining way. The films, which comically deal with the situations of those who try interesting methods to sell their cars, are called Meet Murat, Ayşe Zıpla and The Large Family. In these cheerful films, which use the element of humor intensively, it is not that troublesome to sell vehicles; The message is given that is the ideal address for buying and selling second-hand vehicles and renting a vehicle. TV Ads of are also shared on social media with the hashtag #pekiyasiz. The production company of Fikr'et, the advertising agency that prepares the films directed by Arda Birkiye, is Randomworks. has recently started to provide car rental services at as well as second-hand cars for sale by owner. Aiming to offer rental cars at the most competitive prices in almost every region of Turkey, the brand is quite ambitious in this regard. With Rental Services, you can rent online from anywhere in Turkey with a few clicks by choosing the most suitable one among many alternatives.

The future of Audi design Prologue in Geneva

Expressing Audi's future design language, the 'prologue' is at the Geneva Fair with the sporty, elegant and versatile Audi Avant Concept.

Audi Prologue Avant, which reinterprets Audi's Avant philosophy and will open a new era in infotainment design, is also extremely extraordinary with its 455 hp and 750 Nm torque.

Dynamic elegance, a design that combines cutting-edge and cutting-edge technologies: Audi's concept car, Prologue Avant, presented at the Geneva Motor Show, means a glimpse into the future: this concept is a new and emotional design language shaped by Audi's research on the coupé. revealed by the vehicle.

'Customer Satisfaction' award to Hyundai

Another award came for Hyundai's "Customer Satisfaction" success, which has also made rapid progress in its After Sales activities. According to the evaluation report determined as a result of research conducted with automobile owners in Turkey, Hyundai maintained its leadership. Thus, Hyundai was selected as the winner of 2014, leaving behind its important competitors.

Sabahattin Şimşek, Deputy General Manager of Hyundai Assan After Sales, received the award from Hyundai Europe President B.K.Rhim at the Hyundai Motor Company European After Sales Services meeting held in Poland. At the meeting where all European distributors took part, Turkey was chosen as the country that satisfied its customers the most.

Continuing to take firm steps forward with the aim of becoming "not the most sold, but the most loved" automobile brand, Hyundai has proven its claim in product, service and customer support with this success in customer satisfaction.

Sabahattin Şimşek, Deputy General Manager of Hyundai Assan After Sales, made a statement regarding the first place; “This success encourages us to understand our customers better and to develop new projects in order to serve them more easily and perfectly. While these achievements increase our motivation, they are also very important in order to be even more successful in customer satisfaction and to establish long-term and comprehensive partnerships with our customers.

Two new high-performance cars from Porsche

Porsche AG is making the world premieres of two extreme sports cars at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The first of the models is the New Cayman GT4, the first high-performance sports Car in the GT family based on mid-engine coupes. This new model drew attention by completing its lap on the Nürburgring Circuit in 7 minutes and 40 seconds. With the new Cayman GT4, Porsche is making an impressive move by maximizing the driving dynamics of this mid-engined sports car and placing it as the new standard in its segment.

The Cayman GT4 is inspired by successful models. This high-performance sports car is clearly different from the others: the 3.8-liter engine from the 911 Carrera S produces 385 hp. A completely redesigned front spoiler at the front and additional air outlets in the front of the hood, as well as the rear wing, make this model the only Cayman with downforce on both axles. The chassis with body position 30 mm lower and the extra-wide braking system are tailored for motorsport using components from the 911 GT3.

Suitable for both daily use and race tracks. Another unusual model to be launched at the fair is a model that will set the new limits on race tracks; The world debut will take place at the Palexpo Arena in Geneva on March 3, 2015 at 11:30 (CET).

This vehicle, which can also be watched live in German and English on the promotional event, is considered as the most important indicator that Porsche has succeeded in establishing a very special connection between daily use and motor sports.

Geneva Fair tradition These two premieres are a new part of Porsche's tradition of presenting its latest developments in motorsport at the Geneva Fair. Previously, the launches of the 911 GT3, 918 Spyder and 919 Hybrid models were also held in Geneva.

Audi's Electric R8, Made to Order!

The Geneva Motor Show will open its doors next week. The vehicles that will appear in front of the drivers at the fair have also started to become evident.

The Geneva Motor Show will open its doors next week. The vehicles that will appear in front of the drivers at the fair have also started to become evident. One of these vehicles is Audi's new generation petrol and electric R8.

The V10 gasoline engine of the R8 impresses with its features. This model, which has a remarkable engine with a maximum power of 640hp, is unfortunately not as interesting as the R8 e-tron, which will be seen on the roads with its electric motor. Although the engine used by the electric model is not as powerful as its V10 brother, it knows how to attract attention with its high-level performance. The engine accelerates the R8 to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds. Although this figure lags behind the gasoline R8 or Tesla Model S P85D, it shows how superior the vehicle is in terms of performance.

The range of the R8 e-tron, which has a 93kWh battery, is also remarkable: The batteries, which can be fully charged in less than 2 hours, can drive the vehicle for 450km. We can call this charging time, this range, quite good. The vehicle will not cause any trouble to its owner, especially in city use. The most annoying thing about the Audi R8 e-tron, of course, will be its price. There is no information about the price yet; However, the information that this vehicle will not go into mass production and will only be produced on order indicates that its price will be at astronomical levels. Well, his gasoline brother will not be much different from himself in this regard.

In addition to electric vehicles, there is also a rush of self-driving vehicles that will appear in abundance in the future. We won't have flying cars as predicted in science fiction movies; however, areas continue to reduce their need for drivers day by day. The fact that companies such as Google, Apple, Nokia and Sony, as well as giants such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW, attach importance to this issue, heralds that we will see plenty of these vehicles on the roads in the future.

This is how Hyundai performs in Geneva

The 2015 Geneva Motor Show, held for the 85th time this year, is of great importance for Hyundai, which will hold two important world premieres. The new player of the C-SUV segment, the Hyundai i20 Coupe, which will be produced in Tucson and Turkey and exported to all of Europe, will meet automobile enthusiasts in Geneva. The i30 and i40 offered with DCT transmission will be other important innovations of the Hyundai booth.

Tucson, the latest member of the brand's new design philosophy, has a strong design and an interior that promises superior comfort. The new Tucson draws attention with its wide air intake bumper, LED headlights, new generation characteristic hexagonal grille, Z-shaped lines on the fender and compact dimensions. The vehicle has a 2.0-liter diesel engine producing 184 horsepower, a 1.6-liter GDI with 135 horsepower, and a 176-hp 1.6-liter T-GDI turbo engine for those who want more power.

While Hyundai will stand out in Geneva with the New Tucson, which draws attention with its impressive design, it will also impress with the 3-door sporty i20 produced in Turkey. Targeting young users with its current customer profile, the Hyundai i20 Coupe has a completely different design from the five-door version. Another model that will take the stage for the first time at Hyundai's booth will be the compact MPV ix20.

The 1.6-liter diesel engine and 7-speed dual-clutch DCT transmission, which has increased its performance to reach 136 horsepower, will be the most important innovations of the renewed i30. Offering up to 20 percent lower fuel consumption and 30 percent more effective engine performance than the previous diesel engine, the i30 is also preparing to show off with its 186 hp gasoline Turbo version that will attract the attention of performance enthusiasts.

Drivers pay attention to this news!

A new era in traffic is starting.Now the determining criterion in car insurance will be the age of the driver, not the gender, but the way of use. Drivers who follow the rules with telematik, which will be coming to Turkey soon, will pay up to 30 percent less premium.

Drivers pay attention to this news! According to the news of the Akşam Newspaper: A new era is beginning in traffic. With the telematics system to be installed in the vehicles, insurance companies will now monitor your steering grip and even whether you are signaling. Thanks to this, good drivers will get less money out of their pockets, while those who do not follow the rules will have to pay a high premium. The 'black box' system, which will reduce car insurance premiums by 30 percent, is coming to Turkey with CSC. Giving information about the telematics system that can be integrated into vehicles later or in production, CSC Turkey General Manager Alev Alp Esen said that there will be innovations such as a revolution in automobile and traffic insurance.

Esen stated that the criteria such as age and gender, which form the basis for pricing in insurance, will be replaced by the way they are used, "Thanks to telematics, which we can liken to the black box on airplanes, those who follow the rules will pay up to 30 percent less premium," he said.

Esen stated that with the introduction of the telematics system, the pricing model in motor vehicle and traffic insurance will completely change, he said as follows:

There are 8 million vehicles in America "We can say that telematics brings a similar to the black box system found on airplanes to motor vehicles. Thanks to telematics, which records the vehicle's location information, the driver's driving style and whether he complies with the rules, the variables that form the basis for pricing, such as age and gender, will be replaced by a system based on usage. As CSC, we completed a large-scale project covering approximately 8 million vehicles in America in a short period of 6 months."

esen spreads over the sector for up to 5 years, noting that the telematics system can also be integrated at the production stage, "Currently, some companies, especially Japanese manufacturers, are integrating this system into vehicles at the factory exit. We are continuing our studies so that the system, which is widely used in Italy, can also be used in our country. It is expected that this application will spread throughout the automotive sector in the December of 2-5 years,"he said

Emergency call Esen, telematics pointed out that new services will also be developed. Esen said, "New services such as tracking stolen vehicles, automatic emergency call, notification of malfunctions to the service and fuel saving will provide a safe and economical journey. Making it mandatory to have an emergency call system called 'eCall' in all vehicles to be produced in Europe from October 2015 will also be an element supporting the use of telematics," he said.

More power and dynamic driving

Combining the dynamism and sporty power of Porsche's legendary 911 Carrera family with driving comfort, the GTS models were put on sale in Turkey as of February More power and dynamic driving Coupe and Cabriolet body versions, meeting Porsche enthusiasts, the 911 Carrera GTS, with its aggressive exterior design at first glance stands out with. While the 20-inch special matte black wheels reflect the GTS character of the vehicle at first glance, the Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS) Bi Xenon headlights, front air intakes, Sport Design side mirrors and black chrome exhaust reveal that the car is a GTS from every angle. The GTS sports exhaust system has been specially developed to provide a distinctive GTS sound. The rear axle distance, which is 44 millimeters wider than the 911 Carrera S, also provides a more dynamic and comfortable ride to the 911 Carrera GTS. The interior design of the 911 Carrera GTS models also combines exclusivity and driving comfort. Alcantara leather upholstered seats are accompanied by Alcantara-covered center panels, as in other Porsche GTS models. 430 HP Engines The 911 Carerra GTS models, which have rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive options, produce 430 HP with their 3.8-liter Boxster engine. This engine, which produces 440 Nm of torque, accelerates the Coupe version with automatic PDK transmission from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 4 seconds. The Cabriolet version accelerates to the same speed in 4.2 seconds. While the rear-wheel drive 911 Carrera GTS with manual transmission can reach a speed of 306 kilometers per hour, the automatic transmission version reaches 304 kilometers per hour. While the 911 Carrera GTS Coupe consumes an average of 9.5 - 8.7 liters of fuel per 100 km, it has a CO2 emission value of 223 - 202 g/km. The 911 Carrera GTS Cabriolet model, on the other hand, has a fuel consumption of 9.7 - 8.9 liters per 100 km and a CO2 emission value of 228-207 g/km.

The average fuel consumption of the 911 Carrera 4 GTS Coupe is 9.9 - 9.1 lt/100 km; While the CO2 emission is 223 - 212 g/km, the fuel consumption of the last member of the family, the 911 Carrera 4 GTS Cabriolet, is 10.0 - 9.2 lt per 100 km, and the CO2 emission is 235 - 214 g per km.

Another first from Mercedes AMG Petronas

The official Twitter account of Mercedes AMG Petronas, which became the first constructors' championship in its history, reached one million followers and became the first team to reach this figure among Formula 1 teams.

Mercedes AMG Petronas, which completed Formula 1 at the top of both the teams and the drivers' rankings in 2014, left its rivals behind on social media.

Mercedes AMG Petronas, which left its mark on Formula 1 in 2014, made a difference to its competitors on social media before the 2015 season. Mercedes AMG Petronas became the first team in Formula 1 to reach one million followers on Twitter. The social media team of Mercedes AMG Petronas, which reached this number at the beginning of the week, celebrated this success with special gifts given to its followers.

The team, whose Twitter account broke a record, chatted with its 1 million followers and gave them special gifts.

The leader of social media, with a total of 10 million followers on Facebook and Twitter, Mercedes AMG Petronas left many teams behind. Teams such as the New York Yankees, dallas Cowboys, New York Knicks, Oklahoma Thunder, Germany Football National Team, England Football National Team and Boca Juniors lagged behind Mercedes AMG Petronas.

New season starts in March

The 2015 season in Formula 1 will kick off with the race in Melbourne, Australia, on March 15. The final challenge of the 20-race season will take place on November 27 in Abu Dhabi. The defending champion Mercedes AMG Petronas started preparations for the new season two weeks ago at the Jerez circuit in Spain.

Another first from Mercedes AMG Petronas The official Twitter account of Mercedes AMG Petronas, which won the first constructors' championship in its history, became the first team to reach this figure among Formula 1 teams by reaching one million followers.

Another first from Mercedes AMG Petronas, Mercedes AMG Petronas, which completed Formula 1 at the top of both the teams' rankings and the drivers' rankings in 2014, left its rivals behind on social media as well.

Mercedes AMG Petronas, which left its mark on Formula 1 in 2014, made a difference to its competitors on social media before the 2015 season. Mercedes AMG Petronas became the first team in Formula 1 to reach one million followers on Twitter. The social media team of Mercedes AMG Petronas, which reached this number at the beginning of the week, celebrated this success with special gifts given to its followers.

The team, whose Twitter account broke a record, chatted with its 1 million followers and gave them special gifts.

Leader of social media

With more than 10 million followers on Facebook and Twitter, Mercedes AMG Petronas left many teams behind. Teams such as the New York Yankees, dallas Cowboys, New York Knicks, Oklahoma Thunder, Germany Football National Team, England Football National Team and Boca Juniors lagged behind Mercedes AMG Petronas.

The new season starts in March The 2015 season in Formula 1 will start on March 15 with the race in Melbourne, Australia. The final challenge of the 20-race season will take place on November 27 in Abu Dhabi. The defending champion Mercedes AMG Petronas started preparations for the new season two weeks ago at the Jerez circuit in Spain.

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