Auto Expertise - December Automobile News

Auto Expertise - December Automobile News

He became a star of Detroit

Mercedes-Benz introduced its brand new model GLE Coupé to the world before the NAIAS Detroit Motor Show. Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé, which will be sold in Turkey as of September 2015, offers the sporty and dynamic design of a coupé vehicle and the powerful, striking and versatile features of an SUV vehicle. In addition to the GLE Coupé, which draws attention with its design that reinforces the perception of a four-door coupé, Mercedes-Benz also launched the GLE 450 AMG Coupé and GLE 63 AMG Coupé, as well as the C 350 Plug-In Hybrid, C 450 AMG and CLA Shooting Brake models for the first time at NAIAS - Detroit Automobile It was showcased at the Fair.


New cunning in traffic

The vigilant driver set up a special system for his luxury vehicle to avoid the traffic ticket. Thanks to the mechanism, the moment he violated, he hid his plate and passed without being caught by EDS. A driver in Istanbul had a special system built for his 200 thousand lira luxury vehicle to avoid being caught by the Electronic Inspection System (EDS) when he violated the traffic rule. According to the arrangement; When the driver violated the traffic rule or passed through the toll booths, the license plates of the vehicle were hidden when the driver pressed the button, and the driver who passed that area would then press the button and remove the plate again. The police, who detected the cunning of the driver from MOBESE, caught the suspect with the operation he carried out. The system was dismantled, a traffic ticket was written to the driver and action was taken against him for fraud. Police determined that most drivers resorted to the same method.


Turkey's 2014 Online Used Car Map, one of Turkey's largest automobile advertisement sites, presented Turkey's online second-hand automobile map in 2014 with an infographic. In 2014, when taxes were multiplied and credit restrictions were introduced, the second-hand vehicle market had a very active year. In 2014, 920,000 vehicle advertisements were published on While 61% of these ads were given by people who wanted to sell their vehicles, 26% were added by galleries. The share of authorized dealers of brands in second-hand vehicle advertisements was only 13%. Drawing attention to the low share of authorized dealers in second-hand sales, Content and Analysis Director Sevil Okumuş emphasizes that although the number of second-hand vehicle advertisements of authorized dealers has increased compared to the previous year, they cannot sufficiently benefit from a large market; “Although the presence of authorized dealers in the used car market is very weak at the moment, the situation may change rapidly in the future. The guarantees offered to second-hand cars are extremely attractive on the part of the user, but more awareness-raising is needed to deliver these services to the users. According to the study, which reveals which brand is preferred more in which city in Turkey, by breaking new ground, Renault, Tofaş and Opel were the most preferred brands in our country, respectively. Gaziantep and Van became the big cities in the second hand, with Volkswagen in the first place. also announced the second-hand brands and models that were most sought after and offered for sale in 2014. The most sought after brands were Tofaş, Hyundai, Renault, Opel and Peugeot, followed by Volkswagen, Toyota and Honda. Fiat and Ford were at the bottom of the ranking. We searched for Megane, Şahin and Focus the most. The most sought after and second hand model with the most sales was the Renault Megane. After Megane, the most sought after models in 2014 were Tofaş Şahin, Ford Focus, Hyundai Accent and Fiat Linea. After Megane, the most sold models were Opel Astra, Ford Focus, Tofaş Şahin and Tofaş Doğan. “Sedan” in body type, “LPG” in fuel oil, “Manual Gear” in transmission In 2014, the most popular body type in the second-hand vehicle market was the sedan with 48%. Sedan models followed the hatchback with 31%. White took the lead with 25% in color preference for second-hand cars. After white, the most preferred colors were silver gray with 17% and black with 14%. While 39.5% of second-hand cars were LPG powered, the rate of gasoline vehicles was 28.1%. While 75% of the second-hand cars offered for sale were manual transmissions, only 14% were automatic transmissions. “Our population is young, our cars are old” In 2014, the vehicles that attracted the most attention in the second-hand vehicle market were the models aged 5 and under with a ratio of 32%. Vehicles up to the age of 5 are followed by models between the ages of 5 and 10 with a rate of 21%. The average age of used vehicles in Turkey is much higher than the average in Europe and's previous research confirms this; “More than half of the vehicles that were put up for sale in 2014 were 10 years or younger, but older model vehicles also have a share of 44%. Our population is young, but our cars are old.”


900 kilometers with a driverless Audi

Developed by Audi engineers, the A7 Sportback model car completed its driverless journey from California Silicon Valley, traveling 900 kilometers at the CES 2015 Consumer Electronics Fair held in Las Vegas. Audi took one step closer to its goal of developing a self-driving car in 2016 with a test drive in America. Specially designed and developed by the brand's engineers, the A7 Sportback 3.0 TFSI quattro model car, nicknamed “Jack”, started its driverless journey from Silicon Valley in the USA, 900 kilometers later, at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, using ready-to-production technologies. He made his journey without a driver. However, as US law requires a driver to be at the wheel in case of an emergency, one person was present at the wheel during the trip. Jack completed his journey with the help of sensors ready for mass production, as well as driving assistants such as Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Audi Lane Assist (ASA), which Audi already uses in other models.


Changed lanes, overtaking

Sensors on the back, front, right and left of the car provided 360-degree vision, while the front and rear cameras provided communication with the car's surroundings. The high-resolution 3D camera also helped the A7 Sportback detect the traffic around it. All this technology allowed the car to accelerate, brake, change lanes and overtake vehicles in front of it independently of the driver.

During the lane change, the car first compared its own speed with the speed of the surrounding vehicles. When he decided that the speed and the distance were appropriate and safe, he changed lanes. Drivers were warned with audio and visual warnings in situations where the driver needs to be engaged, such as in the city center.


It raced at the track last year too.

Audi'nin geliştirdiği diğer sürücüz konsept araç olan RS7 Concept, geçen yıl Ekim ayında, Alman DTM Yarışları'nın sezon finali öncesinde piste çıkmış ve 240 kilometre hıza muhafaza, pistteki turunu tamamlamıştı.


Special service for January from Mercedes-Benz Turk

Mercedes-Benz Türk prepared special campaigns for the first month of 2015 in different product groups.

In this context, the company offers many alternatives from cars to light commercial vehicles, from trucks to buses, with various interest and installment options and second hand options.



Mercedes-Benz Financial Services In January, all 2014 model 0 km. Mercedes-Benz offers a fixed interest rate of 0.99% and maturity options of up to 36 months in automobiles.


EL2 Campaigns

Within the scope of the campaign offered to all used cars under the EL2 brand of Mercedes-Benz Türk, customers can benefit from interest rates starting from 1.04% and maturity options up to 36 months.


Car Tire Campaign

Within the scope of the campaign, 25% price advantage for customers who prefer Mercedes-Benz original winter wheel-tire sets (4 wheels + 4 winter tires) with special advantageous prices for autumn/winter, a gift voucher worth 100 TL from BP fuel stations with limited stocks, and Mercedes-Benz Turk Vehicle control from 30 different points by expert teams at authorized service centers and a detailed report containing comprehensive information about the vehicle are offered free of charge.


QR Code Emergency Cards

Mercedes-Benz Turk, which provides the opportunity to access vehicle information in digital environment with QR code technology after accidents in its cars, offers the opportunity to place this code free of charge on all Mercedes-Benz cars produced after 1990 at authorized Mercedes-Benz service centers.



New Sprinter

Advantageous campaigns are offered in January for 2014 model vehicles of Sprinter, which redefines the standards in its segment with its improved safety equipment, charismatic exterior design, seats with increased comfort and functional features offered as standard. In this context, if "Mercedes-Benz Insurance" is used, corporate customers can benefit from monthly payments starting from 769 TL with a fixed interest rate of 0,84% in all maturities.



For the new Vito, which took its place in the market with its low initial purchase cost, high quality standards, fuel economy, increased safety equipment, and a wide range of products suitable for different areas of use, a fixed 0% in all maturities if “Mercedes-Benz Motor Insurance” is used within the scope of the campaign launched in January. With an interest rate of 84, corporate customers can choose monthly payment options starting from 769 TL and individual customers from 791 TL.


2nd Hand Light Commercial Vehicle campaigns

Within the scope of the campaign offered for used vehicles within the scope of the light commercial vehicle swap under the umbrella of Used 1, the second hand light commercial vehicle brand of Mercedes-Benz, with a fixed interest rate of 0.95%, corporate customers start from 526 TL per month and retail customers from 543 TL. benefit from monthly payments.


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – Wind Sway Assistant

In the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, the automatic braking system prevents the vehicle from swinging due to side winds, ensures that it continues in its lane, and intervenes at speeds above 80 km / h, which intervenes to brake the relevant wheels depending on the direction of the wind, so that the vehicle continues without skidding. Assistant” is offered at Mercedes-Benz authorized services at advantageous prices as an additional vehicle accessory package in January.


Mercedes-Benz Vito - Exterior Mirror Vehicle Accessory Package

Within the scope of the new "Exterior Mirror Package" prepared for Mercedes-Benz Vito owners, the exterior mirror in the vehicle's body color, with signal feature, electrically foldable and heated, thus increasing the visual comfort, is offered at all Mercedes-Benz authorized services with price advantage and original spare parts assurance. .



• For all Mercedes-Benz truck models, when "Mercedes-Benz Insurance" is preferred, it offers advantageous interest rates starting from 0,87% for a loan amount of up to 180,000 TL. Within the scope of the campaign, it is possible to have a Mercedes-Benz truck with maturity options up to 48 months and monthly payments starting from 2,612 TL.

In Euro payment options, you can benefit from the campaign with interest rates starting from 0.33%, loan amounts up to € 70.000, maturity options up to 48 months and monthly payments starting from € 1.146.

• 2,421 TL with interest rates starting from 0% for a loan amount of up to 180,000 TL, with maturity options up to 48 months, within the framework of the special financing campaign applicable to the purchase of 2014 Mercedes-Benz Axor 2529 CD, Axor 2529 K, Axor 3229 and Axor 3240 trucks. It is possible to benefit from monthly payment options starting from .

• Within the scope of a special financing campaign valid until the end of January for the purchase of Mercedes-Benz Atego 1518 and Atego 2124 trucks produced in 2014, interest rates starting from 0% for a loan amount of up to 150,000 TL, with maturity options up to 48 months, monthly starting from 2,508 TL. payment options are available.

• For the purchase of Mercedes-Benz Actros 1844 and Actros 1941 trucks produced in 2014, within the framework of a special financing campaign for January, monthly payment options starting from 3,206 TL with interest rates starting from 0% for a loan amount of up to 200,000 TL and up to 48 months. can be done.

In Euro payment options, it is possible to benefit from the campaign with interest rates starting from 0%, loan amounts up to € 75,000, maturity options up to 48 months and monthly payments starting from € 1.196.

• Within the framework of the financing campaign applicable to the purchase of Mercedes-Benz Axor 1829 K trucks produced in 2014, it is possible to take advantage of monthly payment options starting from 2,470 TL, with interest rates starting from 0% for a loan amount of up to 150,000 TL, with maturity options up to 48 months.


TruckStore offers

Interest rates starting from 0.19% for a loan amount of up to 80,000 TL for used trucks and tow trucks of all brands, with the special campaign offered for the “January Opportunity Vehicles” under the TruckStore brand, where Mercedes-Benz Türk has used trucks under its roof. , maturity options up to 48 months and monthly payment options starting from 2.032 TL are offered. In Euro payment options, it is possible to benefit from interest rates starting from 0% for loan amounts up to € 35,000, maturity options up to 48 months and monthly payments starting from € 790.



For Mercedes-Benz Travego 17 SHD, Travego 15 SHD, Tourismo 15 RHD and Tourismo 16 RHD bus purchases:

• Monthly payment options starting from 8.951 TL with a fixed interest rate of 0.85% with a 40-month maturity for loan amounts up to 675.000 TL when the 3-year “Mercedes-Benz Motor Insurance” package is preferred together with the financing package,

• For loan amounts up to € 225,000, you can choose a monthly payment starting from € 2,676 with a fixed interest rate of 0.32%.


Double award for Cactus

The C4 Cactus model launched by CITROËN this year was awarded by BBC Top Gear Magazine, one of the most prestigious publications in the UK.


Created for today's requirements, the C4 Cactus was named "Hatchback Car of the Year". C1, which can offer new generation smart car features together with comfort, was awarded the title of "City Car of the Year" by Top Gear Turkey team. BBC Top Gear, England's most prestigious television program and automobile magazine, followed with interest by automobile enthusiasts around the world; Citroën C4 Cactus was awarded the "Hatchback Car of the Year" award. Top Gear Turkey team also chose the C1 as the "City Car of the Year", one of the pioneers of the 'smart car' era and drawing attention with its compact dimensions.


The C4 Cactus and C1 models, which fully respond to today's needs beyond expectations, were designed for urban use and won the appreciation of users. Citroën C4 Cactus, which protects the outside of the car with airbags for the first time in the world with its unique Airbump technology, prevents minor damages that are frequently encountered in city traffic, while the new Citroën C1 is equipped with "Mirror Screen" technology, maneuverability in narrow streets in the city, rear parking sensor and compact It receives the "City Car of the Year" award with its design.



Airbump® is the latest expression of the combination of design and functionality. Airbump®, which covers the Citroën Cactus all around, is located on the front and rear bumpers and doors. Airbump®, which is offered in four different colors as chocolate, dark gray, sand gray and black: These air capsules, which are covered with soft leather, act as shock absorbers and protect the car against minor impacts from the outside. The special material called TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), used in Airbump, also has the feature of not discoloring. Airbump®s, which have passed all rigorous usage tests, do not need special maintenance and contribute to the reduction of maintenance and repair costs of the vehicle. Citroën C4 Cactus makes city driving more relaxing with its 7'' touchscreen tablet that provides the ease of performing all vehicle commands from a single screen, large sofa-like front seats, wider seating area thanks to the passenger airbag placed on the ceiling, and more storage shelves (Airbag in Roof technology). turns it into an experience. Vehicle; It offers a comfortable interior with its wheelbase of 2.60m, length of 4.16m and width of 1.73m. The height of the C4 Cactus, which has compact hatchback dimensions, is 1.48m.


Agile Lines with More Design: The New C1

Exhibiting a very strong structure with its agile lines, the C1 also has a dynamic design with its headlights. The new C1, which is offered for sale with a 5-door body type, also has a model called Airscape, whose roof can be opened by folding. The C1 also allows personalization with different roof and body color options. The car is offered in 8 different color options, one more than the other.

The new Citroën C1 manages to fit a spacious and comfortable life with a length of only 3.46 meters. The new C1 proves its compact structure with its external dimensions. With a width of 1.62m, a height of 1.46m and a turning circle of 9.60 meters, the new Citroën C1 exhibits an agile drive in urban uses with its ideal dimensions. The luggage volume of 196 liters has an easy access. Luggage capacity increases to 780 liters with the rear seats folded down.


Uninterrupted communication is carried inside the car with 'Mirror Screen'

The new Citroën C1 has all the features of the new era in Citroën's technologies. The new C1 has many features with its 7" touch tablet screen. The touch screen, which can offer the basic needs of the driver in in-vehicle use, such as the management of radio, telephone and in-vehicle functions, is distinguished from its counterparts with one feature. With the "Mirror Screen" technology, which includes applications such as navigation, contacts, messages, music and access to social networks (Facebook, Twitter), which allows copying and running smartphone applications, applications on personal mobile phones can be seen on the 7-inch screen of the C1.


Nissan is entering the new year fast

Nissan is entering the new year without slowing down, with special discounts and suitable loan options for “Qashqai, Juke, Micra and Note”.

Qashqai, the pioneer of the SUV segment, is waiting for its owners with prices starting from 64,990 TL. Nissan continues its attractive campaigns for its popular models in the new year without slowing down. The pioneer of the SUV segment, Qashqai is waiting for its owners with prices starting from 64,990 TL, Juke from 49,990 TL, Micra from 36,990 TL and Note from 43,990 TL. There is a discount of 3,000 TL on the Qashqai Turbo Gasoline DIG-T 115 Manual Gear and X-Tronic (Automatic Gear) options, and a 2,000 TL discount on the Qashqai 1.5 dCi 110 and 1.6 dCi 130 Manual Gear versions. In addition, there is a 20-month maturity and 0.89 percent interest opportunity for the 40.000 TL loan valid for these engine options. Standing out with its distinctive design, Juke; In addition to its attractive price starting from 49,990 TL, it also provides 0.59 percent interest on a 30 thousand TL loan and a maturity of up to 20 months. Indispensable for the city, Micra starts from 36,990 TL and Note starts from 43,990 TL. All vehicles within the campaign are limited to 2014 model year stocks.


Campaigns to enter 2015 with a new Ford

Ford offers 20 monthly installments for 30,000 TL in all passenger models in its campaign for those who want to enter the new year with a new automobile, while offering opportunities up to 20 months 0 interest for 24,000 TL in light commercial vehicles.

Ford offers 0.69 percent interest rates in 20 monthly installments for 30,000 TL to its customers who want to buy passenger cars in its January 2015 sales campaign, while it offers opportunities ranging from 24,000 TL to 20 months 0 interest for medium commercial vehicles.


20 monthly installments for 30.000 TL in automobiles

All Ford passenger cars offer an interest rate of 0.69 percent with a maturity of 20 months for 30,000 TL.

Fiesta, the model that makes a difference by offering Electronic Stability Program and Hill Start Assist as standard in its class, has the recommended cash prices starting from 39,755 TL in 2015. The recommended turnkey starting price is 54.595 TL. The family car B-MAX, which draws attention with its sliding rear doors and safety equipment, is sold at recommended turnkey prices starting from 51,135 TL within the scope of the campaign. The recommended turnkey starting price of the C-MAX, which continues to be sold with its spacious and high quality interior and 1.6 TDCI engine option, is 59.130 TL. The recommended turnkey prices of Kuga in the compact SUV segment start from 81,455 TL. For those who want to choose a Courier with a passenger license, Courier Journey offers 20 months 0.69 percent opportunity for 30,000 TL, while the recommended turnkey starting price of the vehicle is 56,865 TL.


0% interest opportunity on commercial vehicles

As part of the January 2015 campaign, Ford light and medium commercial models offer advantages of 24.000 TL up to 0 interest for 24 months. It offers the most attractive offer of January with 0 interest advantages for 24 months for 24.000 TL in Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom models. For Transit Minibuses, Transit Pickup Trucks and Transit Vans, 18 months 0 interest is offered for 18,000 TL, and 18 months 0 for 18,000 TL for Transit Courier and Tourneo Courier models, which completed December 2014 with segment leadership with the new Transit Connect, Tourneo Connect. interest rate is offered to customers at Ford Otosan authorized dealers.


Revealing at the Detroit Fair

Infiniti's Q60 Coupé Concept will debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.


The new concept with 2+2 seating arrangement, which Infiniti describes as "Premium sport Coupé"; It bears traces of the Q80 Inspiration and Q50 Eau Rouge concepts. INFINITI's renewed sports coupé, the Q60 Concept, will be unveiled at the 2015 NAIAS Fair press conference to be held in Detroit, USA on Tuesday, January 13, 2015, at 08.10. The concept model, which is prepared to attract attention with its sharp lines and handmade stylish cabin details; while displaying a striking appearance with its low and wide structure; It perfectly combines performance and power. The Q60 Concept, which carries traces of Infiniti's latest models and Formula 1 technology; It has a striking visual appearance with its black spokes inspired by the wings of jet turbines and matt chrome struts extending to the edge of the wheels. In the cabin, which has a “2+2” seating arrangement, handcrafted Alcantara® leather details and carbon fiber features emphasize the quality found in Infiniti's DNA.


Design traces from the Q80 and Q50…

Reminiscent of the elegant Q80 Inspiration with its low roofline and quilted leather seats, the Q60 also draws attention with the aerodynamic grilles behind the front wheel arches borrowed from the Q50 Eau Rouge sports sedan concept. Positioned on giant 21-inch alloy wheels, the sharp lines of the Car offer a visual excitement.


A truly sporty “2+2” Coupé

Infiniti designers have chosen the leather materials used on the seats of the premium sports coupé to achieve the perfect balance of comfort and convenience. The designers turned the Q60 Concept into a more comfortable “2+2” coupé by offering extra legroom for rear-seat passengers.


Nissan and NASA Join Forces!

Nissan and NASA, two companies whose names are not often mentioned together in normal times, have stepped into a cooperation that surprised their followers. So what is this collaboration about?


Two giant companies announced that they will join forces for at least 5 years to develop autonomous vehicles. These autonomous vehicles are not only used in the world; As can be expected, there will also be those used in space. Scientists from the two companies will continue their work at the MoffettField at NASA AmesResearch Center, where Google has also designed its own self-driving vehicle. Zero-emission robotic vehicles will be developed first; It is said that these vehicles will be modified Nissan Leafs. The first test runs will take place later this year. Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, who has been developing autonomous vehicles since 2013, is confident that NASA will help them develop a more reliable driverless vehicle system. NASA also wants to take advantage of Nissan's path, especially in the unmanned space vehicles it will develop to send it to more distant and dangerous places from Mars. We will see together how the cooperation of the two companies will affect each other.


Turkish Tire SYRON was selected as the best brand in Europe

Competing with tire giants on the roads of the world with the slogan of a Turkish brand, SYRON was selected as the best brand in winter tire quality and price, according to the independent test results carried out every year by Europe's largest caravan magazines Promobil and Lastauto Omnibus.


SYRON, chosen as the best winter tire in quality and price, among 6 tire brands including world brands such as Continental, Toyo and Nokian; is proud of being the first Turkish brand to achieve success in the international arena in the tire world. Kaan Karayılmaz, General Manager of SYRON Turkey, said, "We are delighted to enter 2015 with this successful result. The Turkish tire brand is also exported to 60 countries. It reaches more and more consumers every day in the Turkish and World markets." said. SYRON winter tire maintains tire flexibility even at low temperatures with its special silica tread rubber feature. In this way, it provides more grip and comfortable driving in the winter season. While realizing a perfect driving comfort with optimum power distribution, it provides shorter braking distance thanks to its versatile V-Profile and special lamella structure. In a sudden speed increase, there is no instability. Thanks to the innovative Block Stabilizers, it optimizes the power distribution in the tread area. This provides excellent handling and balanced traction. With its Different Pattern Array Combination, it provides excellent traction and handling power on icy and snowy roads, while also shortening the braking distance. According to the comparative test result, SYRON Everest C+ was selected as the best tire in price performance evaluation, reaching the maximum score with the title of the quietest tire. While driving at 80 km, the tire noise on the asphalt was measured as 72.6 dB (A) in the measurements made based on ECE R117 and ISO standards. Of all the tires tested, the Syron received the highest rating. A good 49 m stopping distance was recorded in the ABS brake test performed with the SYRON Everest C+ while cruising on dry ground at 100 km / h. Competing with the world's giants in Ultra High Performance Tire with its strong German technology and enterprising Turkish spirit, SYRON started to export to the whole of Europe and then to the world in a short time after its establishment in Germany in 2004. SYRON, which has succeeded in transforming racing and sports technology into products suitable for daily use, offers its customers primarily automobile tires, SUV, 4×4, pickup truck (light commercial) and truck tires. With its successful results in European and world standards, it is taking firm steps towards becoming a premium world brand. All SYRON products are certified by the German international standards certification and inspection organization TÜV Rheinland.


This Falcon ad, given to the owner, put him in a fit of laughter

This Falcon ad, given to the owner, shook the social media today. The ad with the headline "Immediate Sale Falcon, We Have Lowered the Price Since I Couldn't Sell the Vehicle for 1 Year" made the readers laugh


Owners are given such advertisements that it is hard not to laugh. This ad from Mardin Midyat also entered the category of legendary ads. What is written in the description part of the ad makes the readers laugh


Here is that ad given to the owner!

Since I Haven't Sell The Vehicle For A Year, This Vehicle Is For Sale At A Bargain Price Without Getting In Trouble

It will be given as a gift with multi-quality flash speakers in a pioner tape package.

An indispensable vehicle for speed lovers, rally drivers and speed lovers.

Since the speedometer of the vehicle is fixed at 20 km, the captain who does not know his speed does not panic, besides, the nostalgic sound of the exhaust sound gives the captain the pleasure of the driver.

The vehicle has an economy fuel system. When the gas is pressed excessively, the vehicle stalls and prods you to take your foot off the gas.

When the brake is applied, the steering wheel vibrates and sends a free message to your arms.

It takes 20 seconds to reach 0-100 km.

Since the vehicle does not have too much speed, by Allah's permission, there will be no fatal accident, there is no excuse for this.

The rims of my vehicle are meticulously engraved in MİDYAT TELKARI with a pure steel pattern.

The rear tires were zucchini.(Refurbished)

The front tires are moderately good, but unfortunately the tire brand had an unheard of brand (Renewed, Branded)

For security purposes, each door key is separate and there are 6 keys on the vehicle, including the gas cap and the ignition key.

The front console is covered with genuine leather upholstery, and we have no information about the damage to the console under the leather.

The front clock indicator is equipped with a blue LED light, giving the captain the pleasure of driving.

The windshield wipers work when they want, they stay where they want, sometimes when the wipers coincide with your focus target, you need to take a break for this and you have to manually intervene.

The interior and exterior mirrors of the vehicle are solid, the exterior right rear view mirror can be adjusted, the left exterior rear view mirror is fixed automatically for short people, it is an ideal feature for short captains, unfortunately tall captains should adjust themselves according to the mirror.

There are 4 indicators in the vehicle, of which only the temperature indicator is working properly and steadily. As you know, since the temperature rises in everything, it creates dangerous results, especially and especially attention has been paid to the robustness of this indicator, otherwise it would definitely be defective.

The vehicle has a digital full hd colorful panel radio tape recorder as hardware, the panel light of the tape is on and we have no idea whether it is intact, because there are 2 sub woofer speakers at the back and they look like they were eaten by a mouse, there is a speaker on the shelf in the front. No cable is connected to it either. (zero pioner tape and speakers will be given as a gift)

The interior and roof lining of the vehicle are Muhayyer. but we have no idea about the interior trim under the exterior trim.

When the roof of the vehicle is covered with insulation, there is no need to install air conditioning in the vehicle, there is natural air conditioning in the vehicle.

The front door windows of the vehicle are opened and closed, we have no idea about the rear door windows.

The vehicle is tubeless system (gas) and gasoline.

The chassis and engine part of the vehicle are flawless and complete.

We do not have any information about the scourge of the vehicle.

The paint is terrible, it looks like it was painted in a whitewasher.

After the car's heating fan only works for a minute in the mornings in winter, it turns off automatically and you won't have the chance to start it again.

We have no idea whether it will be included in the "Bring the old one and buy the new one" campaign that will be presented to the parliament.

There is an evil eye bead on the front of the vehicle, there is also a slight 2 cm wide impact on the rear left bumper, which is an evil eye.

Our vehicle heats up on slopes of more than 5 km, and then the radiator starts bubbling like a pressure cooker.

In such a case, you need to manually activate the specially made radiator fan switch and take a break.


Caution, you have no chance to park downhill or uphill because the handbrake of the vehicle has exploded, if you need to park in such a place, you must have chocks and assistants in the vehicle, Or you must find a sensitive citizen who will put stones in front of the vehicle, or you will be stuck in the vehicle!!!

When you brake suddenly, the left front wheel rubs against the fender, in such a case, the wheel may be peeled off. We do not recommend you to brake suddenly.!!!!

The top of the left front door glass of the vehicle looks like it was cut in the glazier, it can cut your hand.!!!!!

The long-circuit headlights of the vehicle work smoothly, but unfortunately, the short-circuit headlights turn on when they want, they do not come on when they want, We do not recommend you to go out to traffic at night.!!!

If the gear lever of the vehicle is active, do not pull it towards you.!!! It stays in your hand like a handle.

There is a central locking system, unfortunately this is faulty. All doors open automatically whenever the criminal wants, all doors are closed whenever he/she wants. Attention, you may be stuck in the car.!!!!

In very cold winter days, only in the morning, when the vehicle falls into a ditch, the rear right wheel is completely locked, the vehicle may throw you to the right of the road, and you may have an accident.!!!!

My vehicle's license says 1988 model, how come it says Trafiye Exit 1994 model. Anyway, I'm selling stones.

no refunds, but due to consumer law, if you don't like it within 1 week, I'll take it back.

Tipping is taken at the delivery of the vehicle.

Everything is traded.


This car from Mercedes will go without a driver!

At CES, which is considered as one of the most important technology fairs in the world, Mercedes excited car lovers by introducing an extraordinary vehicle.

One of the most interesting subjects at the 'Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015), the world's largest electronics and technology fair held in Las Vegas, was driverless vehicles. The Horse Carriage Concept of the Future: Mercedes-Benz F015 'Luxury in Motion' The cars we will have in the future will undoubtedly be self-driving smart vehicles. This is why different companies display their various models and concept studies for this purpose from time to time. The latest concept vehicle we come across is the Mercedes-Benz F015 'Luxury in Motion'.

The head of Mercedes-Benz at CES 2015, Dr. The vehicle introduced by DieterZetsche (Dr. Z) is both very stylish; It also carries many traces of the future. Mercedes-Benz likens this vehicle to a futuristic horse-drawn carriage. While the passengers sit and chat in the interior seats, the vehicle arrives at the specified destination by itself. Of course, the driver can take control whenever he wants.

Dr. The vehicle, which Z states that he knows which way to go just like a horse, has a perfect design with its silver-colored carbon fiber body and color-changeable front LEDs. These LEDs indicate whether the vehicle is in manual mode; or if it is driven in automatic mode. An important precaution especially for pedestrians; if it is standardized and pedestrians are informed. However, of course, Mercedes-Benz did not leave it to chance and added a lot of safety-enhancing sensors to the vehicle.

As a result, the safety of the people outside is as important as the people inside the vehicle. Adjusting the temperature inside the vehicle can also be done automatically; or users can make this setting via their mobile phones. Touch screens are all over the vehicle and allow easy adjustment of all settings. In addition to all these, the vehicle can park itself and find its owner with a mobile phone. With these features, Mercedes-Benz F015 'Luxury in Motion' serves its owner like a faithful horse.

When will we see this vehicle on the roads? Unknown, of course. However, the car is a reflection of the future of Mercedes-Benz and the industry; And that alone is enough to get us excited. It is not just driverless vehicles that excite us in the future; At the same time, we see different breakthroughs in flying cars, such as the AeroMobil 3.0.


Those who play with the mileage of their car, pay attention to this penalty!

The dealer Yalçın Baysan, who learned that the mileage of the car he bought in Isparta was reduced, filed a lawsuit against the person who sold the vehicle. Finding Baysan right, the court ordered the seller to pay 5 thousand 300 liras of "bad faith compensation".


Yalçın Baysan, Vice President of Motor Vehicle Dealers Federation (MASFED), which is a dealer in Isparta, bought the 2010 model car from Z.C. for 26 thousand 500 liras with a 45-day deferred check in April 2013. After the notary sales process was completed, it was revealed that the mileage of the car, which was sent to the service for maintenance, was reduced from 189 thousand to 89 thousand. Yalçın Baysan, who called Z.C. and said that he wanted to cancel the sale on the grounds that the mileage of the car was reduced, allegedly received the answer "You are the gallery owner, if you had it checked out".


'Bad Faith' Compensation

Seller Z.C. Yalçın Baysan, on the other hand, applied to the Isparta 1st Criminal Court of First Instance in June 2013, demanding an interim injunction regarding the collection of the check, and filed a complaint against Z.C. on the grounds that he was selling cars with reduced mileage.


In the decision hearing of the case, held on December 2, 2014, a decision was signed that could set a precedent in second-hand vehicle sales. The court ruled that Z.C. should pay 5 thousand 300 liras, 20 percent of the sales price, as "bad faith compensation" on the grounds that it "sold defective goods". While the notarized sales contract was canceled by the court, the car was registered as a "defective vehicle". It was stated that the car, which is still in Yalçın Baysan, will be delivered to Z.C. after the compensation is paid.



Yalçın Baysan, who said that what happened to him was a situation that could happen at any time, said:


"Even though I was a gallery owner, I became a victim in such an incident. You trust people. We buy their vehicles without thinking that they may be malicious. In such a case, the aggrieved party must seek justice. The court imposes the necessary punishment on those who play with mileage. Definitely do not accept the vehicle and try to sell it in such an event. The person does what you did not do, takes the matter to court, and you become guilty while innocent."



Yalçın Baysan also mentioned that gallery owners are always blamed in public and continued his words as follows: "Gallerees have an image problem. However, one gallery owner is a victim in this regard. As MASFED, we have started a study to eliminate the image problem of gallery owners. Galleries are not malicious people. Their addresses are clear in vehicle purchases and sales. The name has been contaminated by malicious people who do this job as an additional job.


Toyota Says Stop to Parking Accidents!

Toyota both makes parking easier and prevents accidents with the new parking assist systems it has developed. With the Intelligent Radar Recognition System (ICS) technology it has developed, Toyota aims to prevent and reduce accidents that may occur while parking or leaving the parked place. In addition, a new viewing mode has been added to Toyota's Panoramic Viewing Monitor. Thus, before leaving the parking space, the driver can check his surroundings in more detail and move safely.


Intelligent Radar Recognition System (ICS) Toyota's current ICS-enabled parking system detects surrounding obstacles and can detect objects further ahead with a wider and deeper scan, as the vehicle has more sensors. Thus, accidents are prevented even if the accelerator pedal is accidentally pressed. In addition, the smart control system reduces and prevents accidents caused by accidentally pressing the pedal, as well as accidents when parking at low speed or entering a parking space. In addition to preventing accidents with automated braking, the new multi-point steering system automatically controls the steering wheel to help you park in tight spaces. Another automated assistant allows parking in parallel parks with very little front and rear space. Panoramic View Monitor The Panoramic View Monitor projects a view of the vehicle from above onto the navigation screen. This screen makes the vehicle transparent from the driver's perspective and supports it with the Transparent Parking Screen. In addition, the driver can access the Parking Angle Display screen by pressing a single button, so that he or she can easily see the objects in the parking lot. Objects appear larger in the Transparent Parking Display, making it easier for the driver to identify them. These improvements made by Toyota in parking assistance systems aim to increase safety during parking and at the same time prevent property damage. Aiming to reduce property damage accidents in parking areas by 30 percent with parking support systems, Toyota continues to work persistently to increase traffic safety and to create safer vehicles and technologies with its innovations. You can also access the video footage of the Intelligent Radar Recognition System (ICS) technology developed by Toyota from the ftp address below.



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