Auto Appraisal Validity Period

Auto Appraisal Validity Period

Auto Expertise Validity Period

The validity period of the auto expertise process varies between 24 hours and 3 months and 5000 km, depending on the selected packages.

Auto Expertise Warranty Period

The warranty period offered after the expertise provides additional assurance to customers. This period may vary depending on the transactions and conditions. The warranty period ensures that customers are protected against possible problems after the expertise and helps make the purchasing process safer.

Vehicleç Validity Period of the Expertise Report

Vehicleç The validity period of expert reports varies depending on many factors. These include factors such as the type of inspection, vehicle features and market conditions. For this reason, the validity period is usually determined as a certain period from the date the report is prepared. However, in some cases this period may be flexible and may be extended or shortened according to the customer's requests or additional conditions.

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